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2006-07 Donors

The Canyon Crest Academy Foundation would like to thank all the contributors to the 2006-07 campaign for their generous donations. Your contributions helped us provide extraordinary programs and opportunities for all the students at Canyon Crest Academy!

This donor list is current up to July 10, 2007. Please contact the Foundation Treasurer for any corrections.

Legacy of Learning ($10,000 and up)

Esther and Bryant Burke
Becky and John Chamberlain
Dow Diversified, Inc
Terry and Pete Katz
Denise and Howard Schwartz

Chancellor ($5,000 - $9,999)

Douglas E. Barnhart, Inc
Lynn and Tim Brooks
CB Richard Ellis
Kim and Mark Filanc
Hanna and Mark Gleiberman
Shay and Jason Hughes
Gina and Anthony Magit
Teresa Boley and Joseph Markee
McParlane & Associates, Inc.
Martha and Andrew Murphy
Wald, Ruhnke & Dost Architects

Dean ($2,500 - $4,999)

Lillian Heller and Edward Azar
Alan Balfour
Pei-Lee and Hong Yann Chen
Jill and Tolga Demir
Teresa and Bill Dutton
Jane and Jack Filanc
Bob Finzi and Karen Luna
Pam and Don Gaines
Holly and Bill Gastil
Laurel and Rob Hill
Julie and Gage Hindle
Al Jeffrey
Merrily and David Kopald
Ellen and Steve Mitgang
Genia and Joseph Ram
Christina and Dana Schiffman
Lise and Bill Shanahan
Joyce and Fred Snedeker
Meredith and Robert Sobol
June and Lee Stein
Jill and Jeff Sugar
Amy and Mike Warlick

Scholar ($1,000 - $2,499)

Kristin and Ray Adams
Donna and Richard Agins
Diane and George Alvarez
Connie and Rajesh Asarpota
Sandra Schmid and William Balch
Marisa and Eric Barge
Hala Amr and Joe Behymer
Christie and Duncan Beniston
Pam and Jim Bennett
Nancy and Peter Berk
Amanda and Harry Berzak
Cindy Cassady and Kris Bjornson
Cece and Steve Bloum
Christian Breault
Caroline Brown
Sandy and Tom Brown
Beth Wagner Brust
Barbara Buck
Vera and John Campbell
The Carrino Family
Aileen and Scot Cheatham
Xiaohong and Qing Dong Chen
Amy and Herb Chin
Pei-ting Lin and Chu Chiou
Donna and Dan Close
Uschi and Taylor Crouch
Jeanne and Douglas Decker
Kathy Tanaka and Tom DeFanti
McPherson/DeForest Family
Mindy and Doug Disraeli
Vickie and David Driver
Laura and Phillip Ducoffe
Steven Edelman
Leslie and Anthony Edwards
Barbara and Eric Emont
Judy and Larry Fallin
W.Sun and J. Fan
Mark, Annette and Frances Farabaugh
Caron and Josh Feder
Christina and Rick Fink
Diane and John Fisher
Elizabeth Meier and Michael Fisher
Bridget and David Fleming
Theresa and Stan Fleming
Lynda Flohr
Mary and Bill Flynn
Vivian and Michael Fontaine
Foster Family Foundation
Debbie and Brian Friedkin
May and Karl Garrison
Susan and David Gehrke
Kristen and Rob Gilchrist
Nancy and Jeremy Glaser
Cauleen and Michael Glass
Karen and Ray Gliner
Goldsteinholm Family
Paula and Val Goodfellow
Karen Gordon
Julianne and Gary Graessle
Lisa and Scott Harris
Denise and Henry Heater
Amy and Gregg Herman
Di and Brian Holker
Pamela and Philip Hu
Diane and Thomas Huckabee
Cheryl and Dean Hyry / Miranda Ciotti
Deanna and Eldy Johnson
Jean and Scott Johnson
Lois and Matt Jones
Helen and Yongho Kang
Kean Family
Adrienne and Tom Klopack
Katherine Jones and Steven Koerber
Cathy and Steven Kohler
Carol and Larry Kriesmer
Susan Robison and James Laing
Evelyn and Bill Lamden
Iris and Jason Lampel
Barbara and Jonathan Lampitt
Linda Lang
Joyce and Bill LaRue
Dawn and James Lawson
Lehr/Bishop Family
H.Michal Shafir and Lewis Leicher
Tess and Russell Lewis
Cheriss Liang
Yi Liang
Ethel and Pedro Linder
Juhi and Ajay Luthra
Margaret and Brian Maple
Jill and Ryan McCardell
Markie and Mike McClurg
Shan McClure and James Mercer
Jennifer and Chris Miller
Joan and Mark Mimnaugh
Cherie and Ken Mohr
Rolf Muller
Carrie and Miles Munson
Mari and Richard Muscio
Susan and Chris Naire
Mary and James Nierman
Insu and James Nuzzi
Susan and Patrick O'Connell
Patrick O’Day
Anne Marie and Chris Oldham
Pardee Homes
Janet and John Perlman
Julee and Paul Press
Nancy and John Preston
Karen and Robert Pretzer
Angela Punsly
Jenifer and Ray Raub
Danielle and Murray Reicher
Danielle and Nitzan Reouveni
Michelle and Lewis Ribner
Kim and Darren Robbins
Jacqueline and Jean Luc Robert
Debby and Peter Rock
Rosati Family
Ted and Jennifer Roth
Jacqueline and Richard Russell
Margy and Bernie Salzberg
Shelly and Jeff Sander
Mr. & Mrs. R.L. Sarif
Mika and Howard Sawada
Linda and Karl Schwenkmeyer
Diana and Rick Schwering
Joan Weber and Theodore Scott
Lynn and Larry Scott
Peggy and Rodney Scott
Tracy and Tom Scutti
Brenda and David Seitz
Carol and Isaac Shainblum
Margaret Shea and Ian Williamson
Monica and Dale Sheets
Anne Marie and Kenny Sheppard
Sher Family
Monique and Jack Shevel
Beth and Art Silverstein
Janice and Joe Simone
Heather and Jim Skeen, Jr.
Teri and Mark Snell
Beth and Jeff Solomon
Diane and Jim Sparks
Sharon and Mark Steele
Turner Family and Christine Strohmeyer
Jill and Bob Svendsen
Barb and Sam Takahashi
Tricia and Kurt Tellefsen
Joan and Frank Thomas
Debbie and Ted Thompson
Laura and Marco Thompson
Marianne and Charlie Thurston
Alice and Mark Toothacre
Gloria and Ed Tsu
Jennifer and Tom Turner
John and Vera Marshall Turner
Judy and Dennis Uyemura
Beverly and Ken Victor
Rhonda Wagner
Judith and David Walters
Joan and Tom Waltman
Ruth and Richard Warburg
Sheila Weinstock
Nancy and Joseph Weiss
Beth and Charlie Wheeler
Judith Kay White
Gwen and Thomas Wolfson
Donna and James Wolosin
Kathy Rudlin and Don Woolley
Jill and Michael Wright
Julie and Dale Yahnke
Karen and Alan Yamanishi
Brenda and Mourad Zarouri
Daphna and Gad Zeilingold
Susan Crowe and Michael Zimmer

Masters (Up to $999)

Trudy and Fred Abdipour
Young Ja Kwon and Kyung Soo Ahn
Kimberley & Gregory Anton
Cheryl and William Arthur
Marguerite and Jim Barrett
Susan and Andrew Bazeley
Becky and Dan Beamer
Tracy Thompson Bennett
Amy and Steven Berg
Lynne and Robert Bernard
Pauline and Tony Bianchi
Harriet Bielawski
Barbara and Tim Biers
Nicki and Keith Brandt
Linda Brenner
Sophia and Valery Bumba
Deb Weir and Joseph Bunn
Tracy and Steve Burgett
William Burton
Kimberly and James Callaway
Ilse and Scott Cappel
Bill Carpenter
Anita and Kenneth Carter
John and Judy Champ
Rosalie and Martin Charlat and Family
Karen and Samuel Cherman
Linda Cipriani
Linda and Keith Circosta
Lori and James Clelland
Kellye and Lawrence Cohen
Glenda and Kirk Collins
Beth Corrick
Jan Hudson and Gene Cubbison
Margaret and Rex Dalton
Elyse Dasko
Tricia and Mark DePinto
DiAnne and Joe DePonte
Jeri Stepman and Dave Dial
Thomas Dial
Joan and Gary Dyer
Engel Family
Barbara Field
Ann and Rip Fleming
Lynn and Jon Fleming
Rachel and Steve Friedman
Cari and Carl Gallenson
Lois and Gary Garland
Christine Giachetti
Lynn Hisey and Dale Glantz
Diane and William Goodman
Kenneth Gorcey-Biblowitz
Kathy Hoffman and John Grotting
Miriam and Michael Guberek
Martha and Clive Gurwitz
Kim Gutner and Russell Davis
Christine and Tom Habib
Linda and Bob Hallock
Alicia and Garret Hampton
Colleen and David Hanna
Lori Orenstone and Shane Harrigan
Vonnie Hartwigsen
Bridgett Hassett
Elaine and David Heller
Andrea and Roy Hermer
Rosanna and Stephen Heywood
Ann and Tim Hnedak
Anita Hoban
Margaret and John Hokkanen
Virginia and Xochitl Holt
Mellan Chen and Kuogee Hsieh
Ruoping Chen and Shi Huang
Clare McGowan and Michael Jackson
Linda and Mark James
Nan Jiang
Nancy and Ken Jong
C. Adele Josepho
Kathy and Tom Jurgensen
Marie Keane
Arlene and Sabi Kent
Cara and Donald Kent
Sarah and Steven King
Lydia Pineda and Brian Kohn
Richard and Natalie Larsen
Mary Jo Kovaleski and Aaron Mathis
Ginny Christensen and Bill Kowalsky
John Kral
Debbie and Rick Kroner
Anne and Larry Kuzminsky
Catherine and Guiseppe Lama
Ann and David LaRocca
Pamela and Brett Lear
Levis Family
Lorraine and Nick Levy
Yongmin and Ying Li
Joy Liao
Dina and Rick Lieber
Chao and Xiaohui Jiang Lin
Jenny Liu and Hongyu Ni
Patricia and Francisco Lopez
Kanpirom Mahaparin
Heidi and Peter Maretz
Carole Marks
Sheila and Jim Matthews
Diane and Ian McCallum
Julie and Gerry McCarthy
Kari and Roger McCloskey
Karen and Michael McClune
Donald and Sharon McCormick
Marylyn and John McCree
Marilyn McCurdy
Sheryl and Mark McMahon
Paula Mendell
Nancy and Allen Merrill
Jill and Dennis Michaels
Sarah and Edward Middleton
Drs. Theresa and David Milder
Margaret Miller and James Berg
Tara and Ali Mirzadegan
Lori Mitchell
Nancy and Byron Mitchell
Elise and Lars Molin
Stephanie and Dan Morgan
Sharon Omahen and Jim Mosher
Marci Mulvehill
Vicky and Jim Mulvey
Corinne Nareau and Doug Hoffman
Nancy J. Neigus
Julie Neuman
Diane and Jim Nickerson
Lisa and Robert Niesley
Vibha and Sanjay Nigam
Sooz and Mark Noll-Robles
Arelia and Miguel Nunez
Kelly and Mikhail Ogawa
Irene and Horacio Ortiz
Ilene and David Ostroff
Behnaz and Dawood Parvizi
Suzanne and Jim Patton
Nancy Jamison and Andrew Paul
Tahir Paul
Cheri and Del Pifer
Ruth and Keith Plumb
Gail and John Polacek
Monica Joynt and Bill Porter
Nancy Pratt
Quest Construction
Laura and Orlando Quirch
Eileen and Rory Randall
Cyrus Raoufpur
Dr. Paul Rappaport
Ellie and Mike Robert
Christina and Steve Roman
Melissa Rubin
Lillian and John Rutledge
Marla and Pramod Sarpotdar
Laurie and Dave Saunders
Janice and Bernhard Schroeder
Janet and John Scott
Cindy and Richard Sfeir
Punita and Ajay Shah
Robyn and Gary Shifren
Donna and Jay Shirley
Jean and John Silverwood
Jill and Raffi Simonian
Susan and Blake Simonson
Lori and Daniel Smiley
Linda and Terry Smith
Tamara and Keith Smith
Gail and Jeffrey Spunt
Patty and Peter Stang
Phyllis Quan and Craig Steinberg
Diane and Andrew Stoecker
Yufeng Wang and Qiling Sun
Brenda and Michael Swenson
Suzanne Swersky
Eeva and Henri Syvanen
Edna and Arek Tabak
Janet and Michael Taetzsch
Nicolle and Jeffery Thomas
Marcia and Rick Turek
Suzanne Tylka and Chris Appleton
JoAnn Thomas and Russ Slaughter
Barbara and Sam Tracer
Linda and William Unrue
Vicario Family
Pati Von Euw
Xiaobing and Dingneng Wang
Anna Waters
Lisa and Richard Weintraub
Roberta Gottlieb and Rob Weisgrau
Susan and Kenneth Westphal
Susan and Mark Wilcox
Marji and Dann Wilkens
Rachelle Wisdom
Christine and Andrew Wood
Julie Wood
Xiaodong and Xiao-Jun Wu
Sharon and Paul Wuest
Tzung-Horng and Jen-Jen Yang
Joanne Yeakley
Tammy and Jia Yu
Chong and Hong Yuan
Ying and Xiaokun Zhang
Jiuying and Xiu Zhou
Llixin and Faming Xu Zhou

Donations in Memory of Adria Horning

Ronit Abramson and Family
AEW Capital Management, L.P.
Helen and Joe Allen
Mara Berg and Family
The Don and Cheryl Butera Family
Janet and Richard Caldwell
Vera and John Campbell
Dan Cipriani
Corinne Clark and Timothy Branz
Alan J. Clark
Sarah Coffin
Catherine Connett
Uschi and Taylor Crouch
Denise and David Donar
Clare and James Doyle
Doyle Family and TPHS Softball Teams
Erin Eisenberg
Jody and James Flatt
Gleiberman Family
John Hannan
Julie and John Harland
Gerald Hines
Jeff Hines
April Hayter de Lopez
Di, Bryan, Jake and Peter Holker
Irene and Scott Horning
Jean and Scott Johnson
Kathy and Tom Jurgensen
Jodie and Robert Kaplan
Nancy and Richard Kern
Sharon, Rich, Hannah, Joelle and Lilyanne Leib
Marcey Loader
Barbara Schellenberg and Daniel Nagel
Lois and Michael Mark
Anne and Martin Masri
Rebecca Hedieh Naraghi
Nancy and Jeffery Pommieri
Rancho Santa Fe Youth Soccer
Corinne Collins and Tom Santoro
Teen Volunteers in Action
Andrea and Dwight Wait
Rick, Jeanne, Catherine and Julianne Waite
Barbara Fallon-Walsh and Coleman J. Walsh
Amy and Mike Warlick
Elsa and Michael Wells
Sandra and Thomas Wells
C.S. and J.T. Wilkinson
Sharon and Paul Wuest
Yahr Family

Staff and Students

Christopher Black
Peggy Lynch

Thank You To Those Corporations That Have Provided Matching Funds For Their Employees’ Donations

Amylin Pharmaceuticals
CA, Inc.
Eli Lilly
Merrill Lynch
Northwestern Mutual
RBC Dain Rauscher
Takeda San Diego


Jewish Community Foundation
The San Diego Foundation