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2007-08 Donors

The Canyon Crest Academy Foundation would like to thank all the contributors to the 2007-08 campaign for their generous donations. Your contributions helped us provide extraordinary programs and opportunities for all the students at Canyon Crest Academy!

This donor list is current up to June 30, 2008. Please contact the Foundation Treasurer for any corrections.

Legacy of Learning ($10,000 and up)

Becky and John Chamberlain
Terry and Peter Katz
Denise and Howard Schwartz
Nicolle and Jeffery Thomas

Chancellor ($5,000 - $9,999)

Teresa Boley and Joseph Markee
Larry Cogdill
Dickinson Cameron Construction Co., Inc.
Kim and Mark Filanc
Foster Family Foundation
Kathl and Michael Peltz
Rick Engineering Company

Dean ($2,500 - $4,999)

Beth and Jim Broussalian
Michelle and Eric Carlborg
Donna and Dan Close
Jeanne and Douglas Decker
Jill and Tolga Demir
Jill and Michael Duoto
Teresa and Bill Dutton
Gina and Ray Ellis
Annette and Mark Farabaugh
Caron and Josh Feder
Sue and Benjamin Frishberg
Pam and Don Gaines
Holly and Bill Gastil
Paula and Val Goodfellow
Julianne and Gary Graessle
Carrie and Jim Greenstein
Faye and Bruce Kimmel
Merrily and David Kopald
Pei-Lee Lin and Hong Yann Chen
MaryAnn MacAfee and Randy Podolsky
Shan McClure and James Mercer
Jennifer and Steven McDowell
Drs. Theresa and David Milder
Joan and Mark Mimnaugh
Anna and Niel Mintz
Patricia and Robert Nascenzi
Larraine and Dan Parcher
Pardee Homes
AnnKatrin Peterson and Roberto Japelli
Shelly and Jeff Sander
Lynn and Larry Scott
Lise and Bill Shanahan
Linda and Terry Smith
Sharon and Mark Steele
June and Lee Stein
Robert Sullivan and Russ T Nailz
Robert and Londi Sullivan
Kathy Tanaka and Tom DeFanti
Debbie and Ted Thompson
Alice and Mark Toothacre
Judy and Dennis Uyemura
Amy and Michael Warlick
Robert & Darlene Wentworth
Carolyn Whitney and Jeffrey Jolley
James and Donna Wolosin

Scholar ($1,000 - $2,499)

Patti and Laurence Abramson
Donna and Richard Agins
Susie Allen
Barbara and Philip Altfest
Dirk Angel
Marisa and Eric Barge
Hala Amr and Joe Behymer
Nancy and Peter Berk
Amanda and Harry Berzak
Vibha Bhatnagar
Kris Bjornson
Karen and Joseph Blanchard
Christian Breault
Russell and Linnet Brew
Nancy and Charles Briscoe
Brian Britt
Caroline Brown
Sandy and Tom Brown
Beth Wagner Brust
Esther and Bryant Burke
Colleen Callahan and Steve Brucker
Tia and Jeff Cassett
Judy and John Champ
Aileen and Scot Cheatham
Amy and Herb Chin
Patty and Jim Clanton
Uschi and Taylor Crouch
Sandy Crow
Don Daniels
Mary Ann and Eric Davidson
Rebecca DeForest
James Dicks
Jill and John Dillard
Mindy and Doug Disraeli
Laura and Phillip Ducoffe
Barbara and Eric Emont
EOS International
Lucy and Steve Eskeland
Jian-bing Fan and Wei-lin Sun
Allen and Becky Fields
Bob Finzi
Diane and John Fisher
Bridget and David Fleming
Lynn and Jon Fleming
Theresa and Stan Fleming
Vivian and Michael Fontaine
Debbie and Brian Friedkin
Cari and Carl Gallenson
Roni Gardinier
Susan and David Gehrke
Gentili Family
Kristen and Rob Gilchrist, III
Theodore Gildred III
Nita Gill
Ray & Karen Gilner
Tina and Jim Giubilato
Nancy and Jeremy Glaser
Cauleen and Michael Glass
Hanna and Mark Gleiberman
Diane and William Goodman
Carla Grossman
Alicia and Garret Hampton
Julie and John Harland
Marla Hatrak and Douglas Sampson
Lisa and Chuck Helsel
Amy and Gregg Herman
Julie and Gage Hindle
Margaret and John Hokkanen
Di and Bryan Holker
Meeitun Hsu and Karl Garrison
Diane and Thomas Huckabee
Joan and Paul Hynes
Cheryl and Dean Hyry
David and Susan Hytken
Connie Holm and Lawrence Goldstein
Joan and Brent Jacobs
Marie and Peter Johnson
Katherine Jones and Steven Koerber
C. Adele Josepho and Jay Cohen
Kathy and Tom Jurgensen
Adelina and William Kazmierowicz
Sarah and Steven King
Adrienne and Thomas Klopack
Lynn and Jim LaBelle
William and Evelyn Lamden
Robert and Michelle Lamkin
Jonathan Lampitt
Joyce and Bill LaRue
Dawn and James Lawson
Nanette and Milt Lehr
Cheriss Liang
Jillian and Robert Lombard
Sy and Jo Lotsoff
Karen Luna
Gina and Anthony Magit
Whitit Mahaparn
Emelyn and Tim Malott
Margaret and Brian Maple
Sheila and James Matthews Sr
Heidi and Peter Maretz
Cynthia McBurnett
Jill and Ryan McCardell
Karen and Michael McClune
Mike and Maria McClurg
Clare McGowan and Michael Jackson
Beth and Dr. Scott Mercer
Judie and Adrian Mikulicich
Jennifer and Chris Miller
Margaret Miller and James Berg
Sally and Stan Miller
Suzanne Mills and Michael Price
Milo Architecture Group
Ellen and Steve Mitgang
Monica and Victor Mizrachi
Gayle and Scott Morrison
Ellen and Mark Moss
Martha and Andrew Murphy
Mari and Richard Muscio
Susan and Christopher Naire
Janice and Jeffrey Nesses
James Nuzzi
Patti and Jim Ochi
Joni and Rick Osteen
Sangeeta Patel
Janet and John Perlman
Eileen Piersa and Steven Dahl
Jamie Picker
Laura and Mike Pierce
Michael Pierson
Nancy Pratt
Nancy and John Preston
Lincoln & Penelope Quintana
Danielle and Murray Reicher
Danielle and Nitzan Reouveni
Michelle and Lewis Ribner
Kim and Darren Robbins
Susan Robinson and James Laing
Christina and Steve Roman
Coni and Robert Rosati
Jacqueline and Richard Russell
Tracy Ruymann
Margy and Bernie Salzberg
Richard and Peggy Sarif
Mika and Howard Sawada
Cynthia and Tom Schaub
Christina and Dana Schiffman
Sandra Schmid and William Balch
Rebecca Schmitt
Linda and Karl Schwenkmayer
Diana and Rick Schwering
Peggy and Rodney Scott
Tracy and Tom Scutti
Brenda and David Seitz
Carol and Isaac Shainblum
Amy Seki and Mike Twyman
Tom and Eve Simmons
Janice and Joe Simone
Margo and Steven Skinner
Beth and Jeff Solomon
Maryanne Sorge
Diane and Jim Sparks
Stafford Family
Claire Stanley
Colleen and Aron Stein
Christine Strohmeyer
Ying Su and Xiaokun Zhang
Jill and Jeff Sugar
Jill and Bob Svendsen
Brenda and Michael Swenson
Cathy Swindlehurst and Kyle Chan
Janet and Michael Taetzsch
JoAnn Thomas and Russ Slaughter
Laura and Marco Thompson
Marianne and Charlie Thurston
Katina Tsakopoulos and Angelo Mecklye
Jennifer and Tom Turner
Jennifer and Gregory Voss
Rhonda Wagner
Andrea and Dwight Waite
Sherry and Dave Walburn
Judith and David Walters
Joan and Tom Waltman
Ruth and Richard Warburg
Joan Weber and Theodore Scott
Rachelle Wisdom
Gwen and Thomas Wolfson
Jill and Michael Wright
Sharon and Paul Wuest
Daphna and Gad Zellingold

Masters ($500 to $999)

Kristin and Ray Adams
Aida and Roger Anderson
Michael Anello
Rene Barbieri and Brian Welge
Juliane Baur and Thomas Kujawski
Becky and Dan Beamer
Tracy Thompson Bennett
Amy and Steven Berg
Howard Blum
Candice and Robert Bowman
BPA Architecture Planning Interiors
Thomas Braden
Barbara Buck
Tracy and Steve Burgett
Maria and Steve Burton
Vera and John Campbell
Ilse and Scott Cappel
Linda Cardoza
Claire Cellier
Lori Chamberlain
Meilan Chen and Kuogee Hsieh
Xiaohong Chen and Qing Dong
Pei-ting and Kevin Chiou
Linda and Jerry Clark
Sarah Coffin
Diana Dial
Drs. Ingrid and Steven Edelman
Judie Fehrenbach
Elizabeth Meier and Michael Fisher
Myra and Charles Fleischer
Linda Flohr and Jonathan Goodmacher
Deborah Fox and Dov Krausz
Karen Gordon
Danielle Haber
Patricia Hall
Robert Higuchi
Jan Hudson and Gene Cubbison
Marianna and Ivor Ivasyk
Monica Joynt and Bill Porter
Cheryl and Tom Kampfer
Helen and Yongho Kang
Sayuri and Yoshinuri Koga
John Kral
Kathleen and Lee Krevat
Debbie and Rick Kroner
Suzanne Kurtz
Susan and Eric Leonard
Debora and Alan Levis
Lorraine and Nick Levy
Dina and Rick Lieber
Jenny Liu and Hongyu Ni
Michelle and Gregory Maynard
Sharon and Donald McCormick
James McMullen, Jr.
Valerie McWhorter and Dean Altschuler
George and Robin Missailidis
Nancy and Byron Mitchell
Carrie and Miles Munson
Ronald and Suzanne Nitz
Patrick O'Day
Kelly and Mikhail Ogawa
Anne Marie and Chris Oldham
Lori Orenstone and Shane Harrigan
Yvonne and Michael Parziale
Lydia Pineda and Brian Köhn
Karen and Robert Pretzer
Phyllis Quan and Craig Steinberg
Kim and David Rosen
Carol Roth-Abramson
Julie and Jeff Rucker
Claudia Russell
Shari Schindler
Sara and Tim Senneff
Cindy and Richard Sfeir
Gershon Shafir
H. Michal Shafir and Lewis Leicher
Jill and Raffi Simonian
Allison Skier and Don Deel
Lori and Daniel Smiley
Pam and Bryan Snyder
Gail and Jeffrey Spunt
Jeri Stepman and Dave Dial
Diane and Andrew Stoeker
Laura Stransberry
Carolyn and William Taylor
Beverly and Dr. Carl Andrew Trees
Julie and Eric Union
Sue Jhou and Chang-Jin Wang
Sybil and James Wendler
Beth and Charles Wheeler
Deborah Weir and Joseph Bunn
Marji and Dann Wilkens
Michelle Kohlweiss Wright
Sally Wu
Xiaodong and Xiao-Jun Wu
Elaine Wuertz and Peter Ackley
Joanne Yeakley
Ellen Yee
Xu and Ling Wang Zhang
Susan and Sheldon Zhang
Lixin Zhou and Faming Xu

Advocate (Up to $499)

Trudy and Fred Abdipour
Maureen and John Aitken
Lucy and Isaac Alchalel
Mark Allen
Eva and Anthony Allison
Linda and Rick Anderson
Kimberly and Gregory Anton
Bruno Artero
Cheryl and William Arthur
Yelena and Richard Baker
Katherine and Robert Barton
Susan and Andrew Bazeley
Christie and Duncan Beniston
Pam and Jim Bennett
Lynn and Joe Benzoni
Graham Bernstein
Kathy Brown and Alan Cash
Shauna Buffington
Terry Giachino Burton
William Burton
Kimberly and James Callaway
Bianca Cardenas
Carmel Country Plaza
Bill Carpenter
Renee Carroll
Kyu Young Chae
Long and Lily Chen
Ruoping Chen and Shi Huang
Dana Chortkoff
Ginny Christensen and Bill Kowalsky
Susan and Mark Clark
Lori and James Clelland
Nancy Clementino
Kelley and Lawrence Cohen
Tammy and Steve Colley
Jennifer and Bill Connard
Nancy and Richard Crosby
Ana Maria Grace and Charles Cuccaro
Karen and Jim Curl
G. Dean Curry
Jeri and William Dale
Margaret and Rex Dalton
Elyse Dasko
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph De La Vara
JS DePonte and DY Hamaguchi
Safiah and Mustafah Dhada
Denise and David Donar
Seana Lee Doughty
Lauri and Todd Doyle
Mary and James Dufour
Tani and Paul Duke
Linda and Tony Durket
Ann and Hugh Elliot
Rhonda and Ed Epstein
Ellen Ernst
Janet and Richard Ernst
Linda and John Farmer
John and Bridget Ferrer
Dores Flores-Roldan
Lois and Gary Garland
Magdolna B. and Ildiko Gerbatsch
Cristina Giachetti-DePolo and Nicholas DePolo
Andrea Gil
Helen and Kevin Gitre
Virginia Gonet
Michele Gorcey and Kenneth Gorcey
Sandra Gorgas
Patrice Grainger
James Graves
Miriam and Michael Guberek
Kim Gutner and Russell Davis
Christine and Tom Habib
Eileen and Jeffrey Haller
Lisa and Scott Harris
Laura and Daniel Harrison
Janet and David Harry
MaryJane and Michael Hayter
Elaine and David Heller
Rosanna and Stephen Heywood
Laurel and Robert Hill
Ann and Tim Hnedak
Leslie and Granger Hodgson
Nancy and Matthew Hozouri
Philip and Pamela Hu
Linda James
Paula Jan
Janis Jenkins and Thomas Csordas
Nan Jiang
Amy and Scott Johnson
Darla Johnson
Deanna and Eldy Johnson
Jean and Scott Johnson
Lisa and David Kakone
Jane Kelly
Arlene and Sabi Kent
Christopher and Katy Kingery
Cathy and Steve Kohler
Alissa and Rick Korfin
Carol and Larry Kriesmer
Anne and Larry Kuzminsky
Joel Lavine
Eileen and Thomas Lay
Chang Jong Lee
Lewis Leicher
May and Peng Li
Jillian and Robert Lombard
Patricia and Francisco Lopez
Patti and David Malmuth
Lois and Michael Mark
Randi and Robert Marsella
Ann Marsh
Keith Maruska
Susan and Richard Matsey
Denise and Brett Matus
Catherine and Daniel McAllister
Julie and Gerry McCarthy
Kari McCloskey
Vanessa and Vanessa McCombs
Angela and Colin McCormick
Sheryl and Mark McMahon
Rebecca Merrill
Christine and David Mersten
Lori Mitchell
Barbara and Anton Monk
Sandy and Denis Morin
Suzanne and Scott Morris
Sharon and Jim Mosher
Ellen and Mark Moss
Rolf Muller
Susan Nancarrow
Nancy J. Neigus
Janet Newman
Brenda Nickerson
Perry and Craig Noble
Dave and Sandy Nolan
Sooz and Mark Noll-Robles
James and Graciela Norwood
Arelia and Miguel Nunez
Susan and Patrick O'Connell
Jana and John Odou
Laurie and William Olmstead
Sharon Omahen
Naomi Oreskes and Ken Belitz
Lori Ortenston and Shane Harrigan
Ilene and David Ostroff
Pacific Solana Beach Holding
Pamela Parker and Michael Scott
Asmita and Pramod Patel
Suzanne and Jim Patton
Tahir Paul
Kim and Matt Perl
Erica and Eric Peterson
NGA Pham
Maria Ortiz & Francisco Piedfrafita
Cynthia and James Pieronek
Cheri and Del Pifer
Raisa and Nicola Pisano
Ruth and Keith Plumb
Ann and Paul Pockros
Lynda Poulin and David Schrimmer
Gretchen and Kent Prater
Julie and Paul Press
Ann and Jeff Price
Erin and Shawn Pynes
Richard Qui
Shelly and Omair Rahim
Eileen and Rory Randall
Kathleen and Josh Rapp
Dr. Lori and Mark Rappaport
Laura Redwine
Mary Reich
Kelly and Tim Rhodes
Susan Robison
Aimee and Bob Rombach
Rachelle Rosin
Jeremy Roth
Megan and Terry Ryan
Summer Sabraw, Stephan and Dana Sabraw
Marialyn Sardo
Janice and Douglas Savage
SB Towne Centre LLCƒ
Marlene and Robert Scherk
Steve Schindler
Leslie and Gary Schotz
Janice and Bernhard Schroeder
Vivian and Jose Serrano
Monique and Jack Shevel
Donna and Jay Shirley
Robert and Leslie Siegle
Carey and Bernie Simkin
Sherron and Jon Simpson
Nilu Siyar
Heather and Jim Skeen
Tamara and Keith Smith
Teri and Mark Snell
Steve Soderholm
Debbie and Keith Stone
Walda and Gerald Strang
Heyun Su and Zhiquin Lu
Suzanne Swersky
Eeva and Henri Syvanen
Andrea Szulik & Bernardo Ferdman
Liz and Sam Talpalatsky
Susan Thorsell
Karen Tonken and Benny Landman
Barbara and Sam Tracer
Gloria and Ed Tsu
Suzanne Tylka and Chris Appleton
Carol and Jim Tuffield
United Way, Inc.
Linda and William Unrue
Suganya Viriyakosol and Michael Gardner
Paula and Daniel Vicario
Dave Vreeland
Ellen and David Waddell
Hiram Walker
Anna and Kent Waters
Lisa and Richard Weintraub
Nancy and Joseph Weiss
Leslie West and Michael O'Leary
Teri White-Berardi
Kristi Wistner
Penny Wo
Christine and Andrew Wood
Yeong Jinn Wu and Ying Ying Tsay
Xiong Xiaobing
Tzung-Horng Yang and Jen-Jen Lin
Theresa and Ralph Young
Nona and Ahmad Zarei
Jing Zhang
Linda and Albert Zlotnik

Corporate Matching Donors

Abbott Labs
Amylin Pharmaceutical
ATK Corporation
Fair Isaac
Northrop Grumman
Northwestern Mutual
RBC Foundation
Takeda San Diego