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2013-14 Donors

The Canyon Crest Academy Foundation would like to add you to the list of contributors to the 2013-14 campaign. Your contributions will help us provide extraordinary programs and opportunities for all the students at Canyon Crest Academy!

Contribute now! Visit the Donate Online page or the Donate by Mail page to make your donation. For more information, contact Gina Mahmood, CCAF Finance Manager (


Legacy ($10,000 and Above)

Qualcomm Matching Gift Program    

Katherine  White    

Chancellor ($5,000 to $9,999)

Balfour Beatty Construction    

Ralph and Tricia  Faison    

John  Hausman    

Nordson Corporation    

Tina  Nova    

Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program    

Price Family Charitable Fund    

Torrey Pines Children's Liberals Arts Foundation    

Dean ($2,500 to $4,999)

Rajy and Kari  Abulhosn    

Sanjay and Suzanne  Agarwal    

John  Aste  Kristin Beizai  

Jonathan and Alicia  Atun    

Timothy and Celeste  Bailey    

Martin and Yunhui  Banks    

Christopher and Nancy  Benbow    

Tina and Vince  Blumenfeld    

Eric and Michelle  Carlborg    

Kimberly  Carlson    

Jungwoo  Choe  Unhae Kim  

Mark  Coogan  Dr. Cynthia Quan  

Junchen and Sinyien  Du    

Dr.  Pranab and Shefali  Dutt    

Greg and Lisa  Fiori    

Hugo  Haas  Maureen Navarro Umana  

Greg  Heinzinger  Kerstin Pfann  

Christopher and Melony  Huber    

Roberto  Jappelli  AnnKatrin Petersen  

Robert and Suzanne  Johnson    

Bruce and Janet  Kahn    

Inyup  Kang    

Kilroy Services, LLC    

Jay Kim and Minsun Lee

Gene and Kelly  Ma    

Clare  McGowan  Michael Jackson  

Judy  Muller Cohn    

Richard and Mari  Muscio    

New York Life    

Brian and Myra  Pelowski    

Matthew  Poiset    

Douglas and Denise  Regnier    

Captain  Douglas and Linda  Rose    

Andrew and Phaedra  Seidel    

Ken  Shimizu  Jane Khouw  

Nick and Vanessa  Smith    

The Village at Pacific Highlands Ranch  

Michael and Christie  Walsh    

Hui  Zhuang  Lei Wu  

Noam  Ziv    

Scholar ($1,000 to $2,499)

Darryl and Susan  Abramson    

Maryam and Mansoor  Afshin    

Preetha  Alumootil    

Diana and Jeff  Anderson    

Nancy  Appleton    

Zoraida and George  Arguelles    

Nader and Lisa  Arvanaghi    

Dr. and Mrs.  Kevin and Karin  Bacon    

Jeffrey and Jill  Baird    

 Beckman Coulter Foundation    

Arnold and Esther  Belinsky    

Aviva  Berlin    

Paul and Nursel  Berlinguette    

Eric and Helen  Bernd    

Beshert, LLC    

Marc and Isabelle  Blanchard    

Eileen and Kent  Brown    

Michael and Ruby  Callihan    

Richard and Amy  Caterina    

David  Chait    

Bernard and Lesley  Chang    

Christopher and Jennifer  Chaplin    

Rico and Kristine  Cheng    

Bryan and Amanda  Chin    

Carolyn  Cohen    

Nancy and Drake  Coker    

Pablo  Collin  Debra Jedeikin  

Tim and Cindy  Condon    

Roger and Ella  Conrad    

Lisa  Cooper    

Kevin and Susan  Day    

John and Sally  De Vito    

Del Mar Highlands Town Center  

Ken and Lanny  Deremer    

Keith  DeVore  Sue Britt  


Jeff and Stacey  Eaton    

Shahrokh and Doris  Elihu    

Todd  Elvins  Elizabeth Ackermann  

Erol and Jessica  Erturk  Jessica Toth  

George and Barbara  Farinsky    

Kenneth and Kim  Farinsky    

Kim  Filanc    

Jonathan  Flam    

Michael and Vivian  Fontaine    

John and Jeanette  Freeman    

Eric and Sharon  From    

Jennifer and John  Fry    

Jenny and Ming  Gao    

Robert and Angela  Gascho    

Noelle and Dennis  Gately    

Paul and Teresa  Gauvreau    

Yuri and Lena  Gelland    

John and Arlene  Generales    

Charles and Maria  Gilbreth    

John and Susan  Glancy    

Mark and Sheryl  Goodman    

Karen  Gordon    

Brian and Kris  Gotta    

Dana and Sue  Harris    

Michael and Patricia  Hartogs    

Timothy and Paige  Heenan    

Dan and Cynthia  Heinemann    


Chris and Avril  Hibberd    

Mark and Cindy  Hoffman    

Kurt  Howe  Shar Sellers  

Intuit Foundation  Donation Matching Program  

Cindy  Jensen    

Richard  Jones  Margaret Harmon  

Nabil and Nadia  Keilani    

Jay Jinwoo  Kim    


Marty and Vicki  King    

Steve and Sarah  King    

Monica and Richard  Kiy    

Craig and Gabrielle  Knox    

Dr.  Steven  Koerber  Katherine Jones  

Anthony  Kruk    

Dave and Leslie  Kucera    

Ari and Kristy  Laliotis    

Mark and Kristi  Lappe    

John and Julie  Laymon    

Richard and Donna  Lebert    

Andrew and Julie  Lee    

Teresa and Eric  Leitstein    

Life Technologies    

Gary and Anna  Lillian    

Jim and Jeannie  Lingelbach    

Marvin and Sachiko  Lockhart    

Greg and Allyson  Loren    

James and Laura  Loye    

Patrizia  Marchese  Yair Aizenman  

Eric  Marlin  Kari Whitman  

Brendan and Kim  Martin    

Danielle  Martin    

Steven and Jennifer  McDowell    

John and Sandra  McIntyre    

McKesson Foundation  Sirs  

Todd and Becky  McKinney    

Angel and Linda  Mendez    

Dr.  Scott and Beth  Mercer    

Paige and Michael  Metz    

Mike and Christy  Monko    

Charlotte  Moss    

Pam  Naughton    

Maria  Nelson    

Michael and Annette  North    


Peter and Kimiko  Olep    

Arturo and Eugenia  Ortega    

Daniel and Hilary  Patton    

Jim  Perdue  Susan Swett  

Scott and Marianne  Pickett    

Roger  Pierce    

Dr.  Steve and Lori  Poleshuk    

Marcus and Susan  Presar    

Jack  Razniak  Jolanta Kramarz  

Paul and Veronica  Rejto    

Pingda and Shumei  Ren    

Scott and Sonia  Rhodes    

Clark and Betsy  Richard    

Gary and Stella  Rogers    

Sydney and Rachelle  Rosin    

Hilary  Rowe    

Richard and Alexa  Saxon    

Mark and Laurie  Schmid    

Karsten and Marion  Schmidt    

Michael and Sharon  Schulzki    

Richard and Jacquelyn  Schwartz    

Edwin  Schweiger  Xiaoli Wang  

Sempra Energy Foundation    

Douglas and Janette  Shelton    

Akbar and Fariba  Shokouhi    

Howard and Leslie  Smart    

Bryan and Pam  Snyder    

Stephen and Linda  Sorkin    

Andrew  Stein    

Christopher and Robin  Stevens    

Mark and Trudie  Strumwasser    

Bernard and Marlo  Surovsky    

Melissa  Surrey    

Sarah and Todd  Sutton    

Allen and Christina  Tharp    

Martin  Thurston  Lori Good  

Mark and Alice  Toothacre    

Kerry  Traylor    

Thomas and Judith  Tullie    

United Way of San Diego County    

Eric and Shannon  Vajda    

Andy and Staci  Vanderwiel    

Kimberly  Vanover  Martin Paulus  


Allen and Cindy  Vexler    

Patrick and Rebecca  Wade    

John  Weinzettle  Lisa Dietrich  

John and Kit  Wells    

Amy and Niall  White    

Sean and Traci  Wiggins    

Darryl and Elsa  Wong    

Jonathan and Hallie  Worsey    

Joseph and Desiree  Zagara    

Masters ($500 to $999)

Ayal and Gvira  Abed    

Mathew and Shelly  Adams    

Duane and Kim  Admire    

Mary  Afifi    

Bing and Li  Ai    

Bill and Lori  Anapoell    

Rashmin and Bina  Anjaria    

Joseph and Lynette  Aquilina    

James and Natalie  Arnett    

John and Judith  Arrizza    

Babak and Lisa  Aryan    

Dirk and Elizabeth  Aschmoneit    

Dan  Auerbach  Cameron Roberts  

Rushton and Lisa  Backer    

James and Lorenda  Ballard    

Sean and Maria  Barry    

Beth Anne and Brian  Bartell    

Hamed and Susanne  Bayat    

Seyfollah and Nahid  Bazarjani    

Howard and Juli  Bear    

Jeffrey and Amy  Bernstein    

Duane and Mara  Bickett    

Steven Bitter  and Michelle Bernard  

Tim and Lisa  Blazer    

Steve and Cindy  Blumkin    

Don  Bobertz  Charlene Stein  

Michael and Jill  Bond    

Stephanie  Bowman    

Napoleon and Nancy  Bragado    

Janet  Braun    

Doug and Linda  Brems    

Bobby and Darcy  Buchanan    

Naomi and Steve  Buchanan    

Dennis and Marlene  Calderon    

Albert and Simone  Camilleri    

David and Michelle  Campbell    

Capia IP, LLC    

Adam and Su Yin  Chang    

Stephen and Michelle  Chang    

Lin  Chao  Ulla Rang  

Jesse  Charfauros    

Catherine and Jeff  Charles    

Eugene and Christine  Chekal    

Lin  Chen  Xinshan Qian  

Peng  Chen  Huiqing Zhu  

Jim and Elke  Chenevey    

Heungsoo  Choi  Eunjung Seo  

Sharon  Cohen    

Maxine and Harvey  Colchamiro    

Misty and Tony  Cole    

Sean and Kelly  Conley    

Charles and Julie  Cooke    

Laura  Copic    

James and Gina  Correll    

Wallace and Anita  Crain    

Paul and Louise  Curcio    

Jerome and Lissa  Dawson    

Emmanuel and Michele  deBoucaud    

Robert  DeMaria    

Jeff and Christine  Denny    

Steven and Mona  DePetro    

Doug and Naomi  Diem    

John  Dillen    

Karen  Dillen    

James and Karen  Dishong    

Chuck and Lisa  Doherty    

William and Kathy  Dougherty    

Christophe and Julie  Dufour    

Qui and DC  Duong  DC Tran  

Leif  Erickson  Carolyn Short  

Edward and Dana  Estess    

Cory and Amy  Fairbanks    

Michael and Susan  Farese    

Mark and Judie  Fehrenbach    

Terry and Tina  Felthaus    

William and Sally  Fleck    

Marty  Foltyn    

Ann and Mike  Fouquette    

Judy  French    

Stephen  Friedman  Rachel Maurais  

Ben and Sue  Frishberg    

Steven and Oi Tai  Gabel    

Ketan and Purvi  Gajiwala    

Leslie  Gargas    

Bob and Judy  Gaukel    

Michael and Felicia  Genovese    

Peter and Amie  Gillcrist    

David and Tammy  Gillies    

Andrew and Barbara  Gilmore    

Anne  Golden    

Mario and Fernanda  Gomez    

Ira  Goodman    

Martyn and Johanna  Goulding    

Ted  Grozen    

Oivin and Ninon  Guicherit    

Chuangxing  Guo    

Gordon and Caty  Hanson    

Dean  Hervey    

Robert  Higuchi  Rebecca Schmitt  

Tony  Hong  Lisa Tamayo Hong  

Paul and Lian  Hsu    

Chien-Jung  Huang  Wenyu Lin  

Shaoming  Huang    

Brian  Hughes  Elizabeth Hughes  

Yat Sung  Hung  Sau King Young  

Yongkyoon  In    

Steven  Jacobson    

James and Michele  Jaffee    

Stephanie  Jansen    

Edmund and Jennifer  Jay    

David and Teresa  Johnson    

Nathan and Brooke  Johnson    

Shane and Scharonne  Jones    

Alex and Ruenrudee  Juwvipart    

Shanti  Kalluri    

Kerri  Kapich    

Daniel and Debbie  Kaplan    

Sara  Katz    

Tom and Ana  Kelleher    

Eric  Kessler    

Ebrahim  Khatibi  Parisa Pirayesh  

Hassan and Trudy  Khodabande    

Steven and Min  Kim    

Bill and Dana  Knees    

Gavin and Vivienne  Kosviner    

Suzanne  Krinsky    

Beth  Kupanoff Brown    

Charles and Brenda  Kuznia    

La Costa Dreams, Inc.    

Karen and Tom  Landers    

Hugh and Jerilyn  Larson    

John and Rebecca  Lawson    

Tri and Lien  Le    

Mathias  Leblanc  Chantal Boisvert  

Keun Jo  Lee  Sun Jung Kim  

John and Kelley  Lefferdink    

Laura and Steve  Lerum    

Gary and Jodi  Levinson    

Michael  Levinson    

Steve Levinson and Jobi Halper  

Neil Libin and Kimberly Valenti  

Victor and Marcia  Lieberman    

Paul  Lighterink    

Richard  Lin  Jessie Ma  

David and Kris  Lin-Bronner    

David and Debbie  Lindgren    

Jeff and Linda  Little    

Eric and Andrea  Liu    

Charles  Lo  Christi Mih  

John and Sandra  Logan    

Tim and Elizabeth  Lovenberg    

Ken and Sheila  Loyd    

Kevin and Darcy  Lyons    

Gregory and Rosa  Macchio    

Jon and Alexandra  Magin    

Francis and Heewon  Mah    

Gina and Mark  Mahmood    

John and Diane  Maloney    

Murray and Lori  Maloney    

Tim and Emelyn  Malott    

Bruce and Janine  Manchel    

Roger and Amber  Martin    

Gina and Keith  Maruska    

Murray and Amanda  Maytom    

Peter and Beth  McConville    

Larry and Clare  McDonald    

Hakan and Johanna  Melin    

Anahita  Merati    

Scott and Tracy  Michael    

Vincent and Susan  Michaels    

Microsoft Corporation Matching Gifts Program    

John and Susan  Miller    

Wendy  Miller    

Victor and Monica  Mizrachi    

Paris  Mohager    

Amy  Montague    

John  Montague    

John  Moon  Catherine Pautz  

Cynthia  Morris    

Steven and Lee Ann  Mott    

Jill  Moylan    

Sally  Muir  Walter Nagy  

Ed  Murphy  Cindy Outlaw  

Paul and Amy  Needelman    

Mark and Victoria  Neumann    

Thomas  Normoyle  Patricia Mattimore  

North Shore Girls Softball    

Northrop Grumman Foundation    

Patty  O'Connor    

Mika  Ono    

Oracle Corporation Matching Gifts Program    

Hungku and Hyunsook  Pak    

Yu  Pan  Chen Jianqing  

Mehul and Sunita  Patel    

Fernando  Pereira    

Victoria and Danny  Petkevich    

Jonathan and Maura  Phinney    

Reinhold and Erika  Pollner    

Jim  Posakony  Pamela Mellon  

Shawn and Erin  Pynes    

Glen and Kelly  Ragins    

Dr.  Mark and Lori  Rappaport    

Dean  Rasmussen  Deanna Iwasaki  

Nelson and Cynthia  Rasquinha    

James and Donna  Reilly    

Jay and Tammy  Rembolt    

Tom and Gretchen  Rhoads    

Marianne and James  Rigopoulos    

Jay  Roberts  Lisa Ziemba  

Gia  Rozells    

Jonathan and Judy  Rudin    

Mike  Rundell    

Margaret and Terrence  Ryan    

Kevin and Deborah  Sagara    

Glen and Marilou  Sallee    

Bruce and Michelle  Sandler    

Steven and Michelle  Sands    

Jerry and Allison  Sanfilippo    

Steven and Ruth  Schorr    

Bernie and Jan  Schroeder    

Rick and Mary  Schroeder    

Gavin and Zara  Sclar    

Stephen and Shirley  Sek    

Trent and Theresea  Seltzer    

Alex and Theresa  Shah    

Vincent  Shen  Xuqiu Tan  

Kenny and AnneMarie  Sheppard    

Dan and Michele  Shoemaker    

Stephen and Karyn  Simmonds    

Kevin and Pamela  Smith    

Neil and Tanya  Smith    

Jim and Colleen  Someck    

Sophistic, Inc.    

Paul and Heather  Spadone    

Gerhard and Sabine  Sprute    

Bob  Stefanko    

Paul  Steitz  Theresa Dailey  

Laurie  Strawn    

Brian and Julie  Szymanski    

Kiyoshi and Hisako  Tachikawa    

Faran and Marie  Tahir    

Hamid and Mataneh  Tahriri    

Carolyn  Taylor    

Lisa  Thomaszeck    

Brad and Karen  Tipler    

Thomas and Silvia  Toma    

Allen and Susan  Tran    

David and Karen  Trissel    

TTS Real Estate, Inc.    

Craig and Nicole  Uejo    

Phillip and Kelley  Vacheron    

Jodi  Valdivieso    

David and Marie  Vaughn    

Rajesh and Rekha  Verma    

Joseph and Rina  Vinetz    

Zalman and Nina  Vitenson    

Leigh Vosseller    

William and Matilda  Wachsman    

Neil and Philippa  Wainstein    

Stephen and Jessica  Walker    

Lei and Yuebiao  Wang    

James and Joanne  Ward    

Andy and Staci  Wax    

Barry  Weinstein  Eileen Kushner  

Arend and Rika  Westra    

Jim  Wilkinson  Ann Van Leer  

Nelar  Wine  Scott Tanaka  

Leslie  Wong    

Jun  Wu  Tumei Zhou  

Shouzhen  Xia  Li Zhang  

Eric  Xiao  Jing Feng Huang  

Ann  Yee  Paul Hursky  

Jerry and Diane  Yen    

Tao and Yanjie  Yezheng  Yanjie Xue  

Il Sang  Yoon    

Irfan and Asra  Zaman    

Sheldon and Susan  Zhang    

Hengyi  Zhu  Xianjun Cao  

Yiping  Zhu    

David and Brenda  Zito