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Board Directory

The Canyon Crest Foundation Board is comprised of parent volunteers, with two paid staff members to manage finances and board continuity. 

You may contact the Foundation through our Executive Director, Joanne Couvrette (joanne.couvrette@sduhsd.net) - 858-350-0253 x-4005. For financial information, contact Gina Mahmood, CCAF Finance Manager (gina.mahmood@sduhsd.net) or 858-350-0253 ext 4086.

Foundation Staff

Joanne Couvrette: Executive Director joanne.couvrette@sduhsd.net
Gina Mahmood: Finance Manager
Lorenda Ballard  Administrator 

2017/2018  Board of Directors

  • President:  Kristy Laliotis president@canyoncrestfoundation.org
  • Vice President Athletics: Kelly Ma athletics@canyoncrestfoundation.org
  • Vice President Administration: Matt Weil vpadmin@canyoncrestfoundation.org
  • Vice President Business Development Deep Lam busdev@canyoncrestfoundation.org
  • Vice President Envision: Nancy Coker envision@canyoncrestfoundation.org
  • Vice President Finance: Jo Barsa finance@canyoncrestfoundation.org
  • Vice President Fundraising fundraising@canyoncrestfoundation.org
  • Vice President Major Donors: Sean Cavanaugh donors@canyoncrestfoundation.org
  • Vice President Marketing: Bobby Edelman marketing@canyoncrestfoundation.org
  • Vice President Quest: Kimberly McSherry quest@canyoncrestfoundation.org
  • Alumni Chair: Tyler Carter alumni@canyoncrestfoundation.org
  • Counseling Chair: Laura Fleming counseling@canyoncrestfoundation.org
  • Correspondence Chair: Kaya Young correspondence@canyoncrestfoundation.org
  • Community Connections: Stephanie Kowack community@canyoncrestfoundation.org
  • Grad Nite: Amy Olsen gradnite@canyoncrestfoundation.org
  • Recording Secretary Juli Bear secretary@canyoncrestfoundation.org
  • Volunteer Chair: Michele Fortin volunteers@canyoncrestfoundation.org
  • Member at Large: Lynn Kelley  director2@canyoncrestfoundation.org
  • Member at Large: Debby Buchholz director1@canyoncrestfoundation.org
  • Member at Large: Susan Jentzsch gala@canyoncrestfoundation.org
  • Member at Large: Alex Magin pr@canyoncrestfoundation.org

Board Advisors
  • Brett Killeen, CCA Principal brett.killeen@sduhsd.net
  • Joanne Couvrette, Executive Director joanne.couvrette@sduhsd.net