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Where the Money Goes

Where Does the Money Go?

The donations raised by the CCA Foundation fund arts, engineering, technology, the sciences and humanities, college and career counseling, and athletic programs. Every student at CCA benefits in some way from the generous donations made by CCA families to the Foundation.

A few examples of what Foundation donations have paid for include:

  • books and materials for the media center
  • classroom computers and software
  • the world language lab
  • coaching stipends and assistant coach fees
  • sports uniforms and equipment
  • guest teaching artists for Envision day classes and Conservatory
  • construction and facilities upgrades for the Proscenium and Black Box theaters, gym, weight room, and NEST
  • Challenge Day
  • pool rental, sheet music, costumes
  • lab equipment and supplies, and much, much more.

In short, the Foundation raises the money that helps make the difference between an ordinary high school experience and the exceptional educational opportunities available to all Canyon Crest Academy students.

Financial Statements

See the Documents and Publications page for recent financial statements.