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2005-06 Donors

The Canyon Crest Academy Foundation would like to thank all the contributors to the 2005-06 campaign for their generous donations. Your contributions helped us provide extraordinary programs and opportunities for all the students at Canyon Crest Academy!

This donor list is current up to July 30, 2006. Please contact the Foundation Treasurer for any corrections.

Legacy of Learning ($10,000 and up)

John and Rebecca Chamberlain
Terry and Pete Katz
Ann and Joel Reed
Dickerson and Katherine Wright
Susan Scott Foundation

Chancellor ($5,000 - $9,999)

Ian and Beverly Barrow
Kim and Mark Filanc
Mark & Hanna Gleiberman
Pam and Phillip Hu
Shay & Jason Hughes
Jostens, Inc.
The Magit Family
Terrie Boley and Joe Markee
Martha and Andrew Murphy
Mari and Richard Muscio
Robert Muscio
Pardee Homes
Denise and Howard Schwartz
Peggy Shea and Ian Williamson
Florence and John Scott
Laura and Marco Thompson
Amy and Michael Warlick
Robert Wilcox
Thomas and Gwen Wolfson

Dean ($2,500 - $4,999)

Alan and Christine Balfour
Luba Halich and Jeffrey Brown
Teresa and Bill Dutton
Jack and Jane Filanc
The Fleming Family
Diane and William Goodman
Genie and Joseph Ram
Jennifer and Jim See
Jill and Jeff Sugar
Mary Ahern Wilson

Scholar ($1,000 - $2,499)

Donna and Richard Agins
Connie and Rajest Asarpota
Sandra Schmid and William Balch
Michael and Stephanie Barnes
Halla Amr and Joe Behymer
Amanda and Harry Berzak
Kris Bjornson
Ildiko Gerbatsch, Magda
And Tibor Bornemisza
Gabriele and Andreas Braun
Kimberly and James Callaway
Vera and John Campbell
Meg Canote
Kakthy and John Carrino
Kathy and Paul Carter
Jan and Mark Casado
Aileen and Scot Cheatham
Herb and Amy Chin
Donna and Dan Close
Jeanne and Douglas Decker
Cynthia and Michael Deluca
Gloria and Joseph De La Vara
Mindy and Doug Disraeli
Phillip & Laura Ducoffe
Leslie and Anthony Edwards
Ann and Hugh Elliott
Barbara and Eric Emont
Judy and Larry Fallin
Ruth and Dennis Fay
Caron and Josh Feder
Elizabeth Meier and Michael Fisher
Rip and Ann Fleming
The Foster Family Foundation of
The Jewish Community Found.
Debbie and Brian Friedkin
Pam and Don Gaines
Holly and Bill Gastil
Susan and David Gehrke
Lynn and Dale Glantz
The Goldensteinholm Family
Karen Gordon
Julianne and Gary Grassle
Denise and Henry Heater
Amy and Gregg Herman
Laurel and Robert Hill
Julie and Gage Hindle
Brian and Diana Holker
Alan Hyatt and Joan Gildin
Cheryl, Miranda, and Dean Hyry
Brent and Joan Jacobs
Jeff James
Deanna and Eldy Johnson
Curt, Nancy, and Ben Johnson
Jean and Scott Johnson
Marie and Peter Johnson
Tara Kheradyar
Katherine Jones and
Steven Koerbe
William and Evelyn Lamden
Joyce and Bill LaRue
Paula and Mike Martin
Jill and Ryan McCardell
Michael and Karen McClune
Mike and Maria McClurg
James Mercer III and Shanon McClure
Tanya and Michael McManus
Nancy and Allen Merrill
Laura and John Metzger
Anthon and Joyce Misleh
The Mitgang Family
Chris & Susan Naire
The Nigam Family
Patricia and Kevin O’Boyle
Anne Marie and Chris Oldham
Paul and Ann Pockros
Nancy Pollitt and John Preston
Amy and Taryn Post
Purkayastha Foundation
Jennifer and Ray Raub
Siegfried Reich
Danielle and Murray Reicher
Kimberly and Darren Robbins
Peter and Debby Rock
Dr. Guillermo Rodriguez
Coni and Robert Rosati
Sandra dn Robert Rosenthal
Margy and Bernie Salzberg
Leland and Debbie Sandler
Howard and Mika Sawada
Daunia and Gary Scarsella
Christina and Dana Schiffman
Brenda and David Seitz
Carol and Isaac Shainblum
Lise and Bill Shanahan
Monica and Dale Sheets
Jon and Jane Siann
Art and Beth Silverstein
Carey, Bernie and Carlie Simkin
James Skeen
Linda and Terry Smith
Mark and Teri Snell
Pam and Bryan Snyder
Beth and Jeff Solomon
Diane and James Sparks
Rellen and Claudia Stewart
Tricia and Kurt Tellefsen
Jeffrey Thomas
Jillian Thomas
Debbie and Ted Thompson
Marianne and Charlie Thurston
Alice and Mark Toothacre
Melinda Trees
Jennifer and Tom Turner
Kirsi and Lasse Uronen
Rick and Janell Vesci
Rhonda Wagner
Sheila Weinstock
Nancy and Joseph Weiss
Robert and Darlene Wentworth
The Westreich Foundation
Douglas and Kathleen Wilson
Jill Wright
Xiao Jun and Xiaodong Wu
Cherissa Liang and Xiao Yi Xiao
Karen and Alan Yamanishi

Masters (Up to $999)

Trudy and Fred Abdipour
Patti and Laurence Abramson
Kyung Soo and YoungJa Ahn
Susie Allen
Anthony and Eva Allison
Diane and George Alvarez
Gregg and Diane Alzate
Pati Andreu-Von Euw
Greg and Kimberly Anton
Dana and Leslie Aoto
Marguerite and Jim Barrett
Becky and Dan Beamer
Jack and Maggie Bennett
James Berg & Margaret Miller
Steven Berg
Nancy and Peter Berk
Lynne and Bob Bernard
Mark Bernard
Anthony and Pauline Bianchi
Candice and Robert Bowman
Stephen and Nancy Bratman
John and Catherine Bromhead
Caroline Brown
Judy Sheard Brown
Sandi and David Brzezniak
Barbara Buck and James Crapeticio
Lisa and Brad Burkle
Georgia and Philip Calhoun
Jan Capon
Bill and Denise Cavanaugh
Caryl and Burt Chabot
Lori Chamberlain
Sandi Chan
Chin Chia Chen
Carol Ann and Edward Cohen
Jay Cohen and Adele Josepho
Lawrence and Kellye Cohen
Tammy and Steve Colley
Beth Corrick
Jeff, Fay and Daniel Crawford
Charles and Ana Maria Cuccaro
Jim and Karen Curl
Steve Dahl and Eileen Piersa
Rex and Margaret Dalton
Elyse Dasko
Russell Davis and Kim Gutner
Nicholas and Cristina DePolo
JS and Hamaguchi DePonte
The Dhada Family
The Dial Family
Joan and Gary Dyer
Kimberly and Robert Eichler
Lori and John Elkins
Kathy and Jorge Engel
Richard and Brenda Episcopo
Frances Farabaugh
Diane and John Fisher
Rachel and Stephen Friedman
Carl and Cari Gallenson
Carolyn Geissinger
Lisa and Brandon Giap
Ike and Shaheen Gill
Rene and Dana Gonzales
Paula and Val Goodfellow
Tara and David Gordon
Dianna and John Granum
Miriam and Michael Guberek
Christine and Tom Habib
Del and Karen Hamm
Alicia and Garret Hampton
Julie and John Harland
Daniel Harrison
Gary and Vonnie Hartwigsen
David and Elaine Heller
Debbie and Steve Hendry
Andrea and Roy Hermer
Tim and Ann Hnedak
Corrine and Doug Hoffman
Elizabeth Hoffman
The Hollenbeck Family
Virginia and Xochitl Holt
Suzan and Jeffrey Isber
James, Lori and Emma Clelland
Nancy and Ken Jong
Jodie and Robert Kaplan
Debbie and Sol Kempinski
Arlene and Sabi Kent
Connie and Ralph Kenyon
Shari Kenyon
Steve & Sarah King
Barb Ranscht and Christopher Kintner
Steven and Catherine Kohler
Ginny Christiensen and Bill Kowalsky
Thomas and Julie Kujawski
Anne Kuzminsky
Terri and Mark LaBeau
Mary Landis
Anne and David Larocca
Mo and Justin Latimer
Pamela and Brett Lear
Peng and May Li
Ying and Yongmin Li
Chao Lin and Xiaohui Jiang
James Love
The Lowenstein Family
Juhi and Ajay Luthra
Randall Magnuson
Kanpirom Mahaparin
Elizabeth Mannino
Lois and Michael Mark
Kumiko Matsumoto
Michelle and Gregory Maynard
Daniel and Catherine McAllister
Julie and Gerry McCarthy
Roger and Kari McClosky
Donald and Sharon McCormick
Linda and William McGrath
Monica Medina
Christine and David Mersten
Drs David and Theresa Milder
Joan and Mark Mimnaugh
Meryle and Bruce Minton
Robbin Miranda
Nancy and Byron Mitchell
Ken and Cherie Mohr
Deborah Morrell
Jim and Sharon Mosher
Delores and Robert Muscio
Nancy J. Neigus
Chris and Susan Naire
Ida Ruth Neuman
Diane and Jim Nickerson
Jana and John Odou
Shoko and Takeru Ohira
Lori Ortenstone and
Shane Harrigan
Steven Osher
Ilene and David Ostroff
The Packer Family
The Patton Family
Nancy Jamison and Andy Paul
Kim and Matt Perl
Cheri and Del Pifer
Gail and John Polacek
Lori Pollick
Monica Joynt and Bill Porter
Nancy Pratt
Quest Construction
Al and Susan Quintero
Orlando Quirch
Denise and Mike Railey
Rory and Eileen Randall
Dr and Mrs. Paul Rappaport
Soraia and Bashir Rawi
Danielle and Nitzan Reouveni
Ellie and Mike Robert
Irene and Bernie Rosenthal
Ted and Jennifer Roth
Megan and Terry Ryan
Doug Sampson and Marla Hatrak
Shelly and Jeff Sander
Barry and Lori Sandrew
Laurie and Dave Saunders
Dana Chortkoff Schrimmer
Tom and Tracy Scutti
Richard and Cynthia Sfeir
Yi Liang and Daliang Shi
John and Jean Silverwood
Joe and Janice Simone
Jill and Raffi Simonian
Sheri and Steve Simpson
Jonathan and Sally Skerritt
Steven and Margo Skinner
Tamara and Harvey Smith
Gail and Jeff Spunt
Patty and Peter Stang
Mark and Sharon Steele
Phyllis Quan and Craig Steinberg
Diane and Andrew Stoecker
Christine Strohmeyer
Tim and Donielle Sullivan
David and Quincy Sultzbaugh
Lynn Wang and QiLing Sun
Brenda and Michael Swenson
JoAnn and Russ Thomas-Slaughter
Barbara and Sam Tracer
JoClare and Donald Viglione
Rose and Gus Villalba
The Waddell Family
Judy and Dave Walters
Mary Walters and Mark Warmbrand
Beth and Charlie Wheeler
Susan and Mark Wilcox
Shelle Wisdom
Julie and Mitchell Wood
Margaret and Peter Wu
Tina and Steven Wu
Sharon and Paul Wuest
Philip and Joanne Yeakley
Lynne and Andrew Young
Chong Yuan and Xiao Yu
Ying and Xiaokun Zhang
Gan Wang and Hong Zhao
Faming Yu and Lixin Zhou
Sam and Karen Zien
Linda and Albert Zlotnik

Ben Trees Memorial Fund

Larry, Patti, Mary, Shelley and
Kenin Abramson
Carmel Valley Middle School PTSA
Kristin and Andrew Taylor-Chang
Linda Cipriani
Laurie Doyle
Darcy and Bruce Friedman
Hanna Gleiberman
David and Elaine Heller
Indus Technology, Inc.
Robert James
Jean and Scott Johnson
Jae and Eric Kremer
Nancy and Byron Mitchell
Mary Bess Peterson
Luis Pineda
Douglas and Kelli Ann Politoske
Victoria Sanchez
Dr. Sandra Schmid
Allan and Shari Severson
Surf Girls White
Robert and Sara Coffin-Vetter
Amy and Mike Warlick

Staff and Students

Chris Black
Carmen Dutton ‘09
Kyle Pollitt ‘08
Victoria Sanchez
Kate Sugar ‘08


ASEG, Inc.
The Century Club
Northwestern Mutual