An Open Letter to the San Diego Union Tribune

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The Foundations of Canyon Crest Academy, La Costa Canyon High School and San Dieguito Academy 
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An Open Letter to the San Diego Union Tribune

May 25, 2017 (San Diego) On the field of play, in the battle of school rankings, and for countywide supremacy on standardized test scores, Torrey Pines High School is our archrival and we delight in our victories over them and mourn our losses against them in those arenas.   But we take no delight in the treatment they have received in the press over the past week, beginning with the May 14, 2017 UT article, and feel compelled to rise to their defense to correct the record on this subject.

Central to this discussion, and something that was ignored in the article, is the state funding formula for public schools.  Although you would never realize this from press coverage at any level of media, California’s funding model provides the least funding to districts located within what they define as affluent communities, such as San Diego’s North County.   As a result, our district, the San Dieguito Union High School District (SDUHSD), receives the lowest amount of money per student of all the high school districts in San Diego. 

In fact, we are the lowest funded high school district of our size in California.  

What does this mean?  SDUHSD receives $18 million less than the average high school district in the state.  In San Diego, it means SDUHSD receives $25 million less than Escondido HSD, $17 million less than Grossmont HSD, and $13 million less than Sweetwater HSD.

The current model for funding public schools intentionally shifts the burden to parents in districts like ours.  What does this mean for our students?  

With EIGHTEEN MILLION DOLLARS LESS in funding, our district cannot fund athletics.

With EIGHTEEN MILLION DOLLARS LESS in funding, our district cannot fund arts programs.

With EIGHTEEN MILLION DOLLARS LESS in funding, our district cannot fund after-school programs.

With EIGHTEEN MILLION DOLLARS LESS funding, our district cannot fund weekend custodial services, or maintenance of baseball fields, or stadium bathrooms, or athletic trainers, or transportation, or game officials, or lights in the gym, the maintenance of the weight room, or uniforms, or balls, bats, or paint, or clay, or computers…..

I think you get the point.  And here is another point, the sum of the revenue of all four SDUHSD high school foundations falls far short of $18,000,000 per year. In fact, foundations provide less than 30% of the funding shortfall.

Yet, despite that, many of the schools of our district are nationally recognized as the best in the United States.  How does the lowest funded high school district of its size in California consistently produce the top high schools in the country?  Are we measuring success by how much money we spend or by an actual outcome?  Our district is an example of exemplary outcomes achieved on a comparably low budget.  If we are ever going to improve educational outcomes in this county, this state, and this nation; highlighting and studying how this district outpaces most others in measurable outcomes on the lowest funding in the state is where the Union Tribune can make a valuable contribution to the narrative.

Does it cost less money to run a school in the North County of San Diego?  No, arguably, everything costs more here rent, gas, groceries.  Do we have less infrastructure or personnel here? No, we have the same, if not more, infrastructure costs, as any other school in the County.

Despite the fact that there is low income housing across the street from several district schools, the funding formula, using the average income for our neighborhood, provides $1,431 less annual funding for each and every student in our district regardless of their family socioeconomic status.

Many of the parents of this district essentially give twice.  First, by shouldering a disproportionate amount of the tax burden, they are funding the other districts in the state which are deemed more worthy of additional funding; and second, by voluntarily donating to their own district they are making up the difference in what our district is shorted under the funding formula.

The important, and yet untold, story here is this peculiar statewide school funding system, not the Torrey Pines High School baseball team or the school foundation that supports it.  Without these dedicated volunteers and generous parents, there would be no school sports, arts, or extra-curricular activities in our district.

Should we all carefully evaluate how we ask for money? Yes, we should and we will.  Additional volunteer training is being planned and implemented.

But more importantly, should we illuminate the vagaries of the school funding formula in California? Absolutely.    The Union Tribune should aim their spotlight about 500 miles north onto Sacramento, where the problem starts.  We are disappointed that they misdirected it onto our rivals on the playing fields, but our allies in supporting our children: the dedicated parent volunteers, coaches and staff of the Torrey Pines Foundation.


The Foundations of Canyon Crest Academy, La Costa Canyon High School, and San Dieguito Academy

Envision Cinema Premiere

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Lights, Camera, Action!

The IMAX Corporation and the Canyon Crest Academy Foundation cordially invite you to an exclusive film premiere that is the first of its kind in the nation! The CCA Envision Cinema program is one of five student film programs in the US to produce two short documentary, environmental films this school year as part of the IMAX Big Picture IN FOCUS program. IMAX has scheduled a special San Diego premiere to screen the two short films publicly for the first time as a fund raiser for CCA Envision Cinema. Our school is the first school in the country to have their IMAX Big Picture short films screened in an actual IMAX theater. All of the proceeds from this event go towards equipment, experiences, and guest teaching artists for Envision Cinema and CCA-TV. 

Date & Time: 
Wednesday, June 7, 2017 

5:30-6:30pm Reception with light hors d'ouevres 
6:30-7:30pm Film screenings, Q&A with student directors 

Edwards Mira Mesa Stadium 18 IMAX & RPX
10733 Westview Parkway San Diego, CA 92126 

Advance Tickets:
Individuals: $10
Family of Four: $25
($15 & $30 at the door)
Concessions provided with ticket price 

Click here for advance ticket purchase 

More on the films: 

Bee Conscious is a documentary short film that discusses the threats and issues surrounding the declining bee population, produced by student filmmakers at Canyon Crest Academy in San Diego, California as part of the IMAX Big Picture IN FOCUS program. While experts believe this problem is a real threat to our food supply, many people have a lack of knowledge on the topic. Our student filmmakers spoke with experts who work in fields directly influenced by or related to bees who gave their professional insight and opinions on the decline of the bee population. This documentary covers the possible threats to the bees, the effects bees have on us as humans, and what people can do to help this issue. 

The documentary short film Change Is in the Water focuses on the attempted ocean conservation efforts of an environmentally-sustainable, surf industry brand, Enjoy Handplanes. Following their journey and discussing the reasons behind their ecological actions, this film highlights a handful of individuals who hope to make a big difference in a worldwide problem. As part of the IMAX Big Picture IN FOCUS program, student filmmakers at Canyon Crest Academy in San Diego, California speak with surfers, environmental experts and representatives of the surfing industry to discuss the cultural significance of protecting the water for surfers, wildlife, and society as a whole.

Graduation Photography

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Graduation Photos 
Available on a pre-order, pre-paid basis only! 
For the second year in a row, we are offering unlimited graduation photograph downloads for $40!  
(Price increases on Graduation Day)

Why settle for this...

When you could have this..

We will have two professional, free-lance photographers shooting photos of graduation, including the
 presentation of diploma/handshake, rehearsals, and candid shots before and after graduation. 

The money raised will benefit the Humanities Conservatory.

“How to and Why do the College Interview”

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CCA Speech and Debate Team is hosting a presentation entitled “How to and Why do the College Interview” to help students throughout the area to prepare for and succeed at their college interviews.  Working with the Regional Admission Counselors of California (RACC), the Foundation and team have invited admission counselors from several universities outside of California to come and give their advice on college interviewing skills.  The panel of speakers will provide a presentation and conduct a few live mock interviews to help illustrate how to get the best outcome on college interviews.  The event will be on Tuesday, May 23, 2017, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at the CCA Learning Commons (aka Library/Media Center).  

It is no secret that gaining admission into colleges has become increasingly competitive.  Many colleges offer or require interviews as part of their admission process as a way to get to know a student beyond what is apparent from their application.  For students, this can be an opportunity to really set themselves apart and highlight their unique qualities.  However, it can also be a time to fail.  Therefore, college admission professionals recommend that it pays to do your homework and prepare before embarking on your college interviews.  The CCA Foundation and the Speech and Debate Team thought it would be very helpful to have actual college admission counselors come to campus and share their views on what it takes to have a successful college interview. 

The “How to and Why do the College Interview” event is open to the public.  Tickets are available HERE.  Tickets will also be sold at the door.  However, seating is limited, so the Foundation recommends that you purchase your tickets in advance.  Tickets cost $10 per adult, $6 per student, or $25 for a family of two adults and up to two children.  You may also purchase tickets for an opportunity drawing for a chance to win a College Application Package from Hamilton College Consulting valued at $2,500.  The package will offer expert help in building a smart college strategy and creating compelling college applications.  The drawing will be held at the event, but you do not have to be present to win.  Proceeds from the event and proceeds from the drawing will benefit the CCA Speech and Debate Team. 

Sports Physicals!

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Co-Ed camp open to students in 7th - 12th grade 
Group training runs and training for those that wish to train to run long distance over the summer. Sign up for the camp if you are looking to join us for any amount this summer. Alumni and parents need not sign up but are always welcome to join us. Coaching staff will be there along with team leaders and captains. Meeting times are when the group leaves, so be sure to arrive early. 
July 5, 2017 - August 4, 2017  4x a week  
Tuesday - Friday, 8am
Tues - CCA, Wed - TP North Beach, Thur - CCA, Fri - TP North Beach  

Come spend a week with Head Coach Ryan Mikkonen, Ravens Coaching Staff, and Players learning the way of the Canyon Crest Academy Ravens Baseball Program. Each athlete will gain an understanding of the skills, dedication, and hard work needed to become a Raven. The camp will consist of a baseball specific functional warm up, proper catch, pitching mechanics and drills, as well as team offensive and defensive drills to help you become a successful high school player. The pledge of the camp staff is to leave no question unanswered and every attendee will get an honest evaluation of what he can do to help him earn the right to wear a Raven on his hat and uniform.
July 17-20, 2017
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
CCA Varsity Baseball Field
Boys 5th-9th Grade

This is a week-long intensive that is designed to accommodate multiple levels of dancers.  The minimum age for enrollment is 12, and there is no maximum!  We start promptly at 9 every morning and finish at 3:50 PM every day.  Dancers receive a variety of wonderful training, including contemporary ballet, inversions, Horton technique, and contemporary jazz.  Space is limited to 40 dancers.

July 24, 2017 - July 28,2017
9:00 AM - 3:50 PM
CCA Gym - Large Dance Studio
(Minimum Age is 12 Years, Open to ADULTS!)

Robotics Summer Camp (5th and 6th) 
Open to students in 5th and 6th grade 
Weeklong Sessions available
July 10th - August 4th  8:30 - 3:30 
CCA Campus 
$450 a week

Robotics Summer Camp (7th and 8th)
Open to Students in  7th and 8th grade
Weeklong Sessions available
July 10th - August 4th  8:30 - 3:30 
CCA Campus 
$450 a week

Several classes for middle school, high school, and adult levels Website:

Digital Imaging Middle/High School 9:00-12:00
Clay Ceramics Middle/High School 9:00-12:00
Mask Making Middle/High School 9:00-12:00
Drawing and Painting Middle/High School 12:30-3:30
Drawing and Painting High School/Adult 4:00-6:00
Photography Middle/High School 12:30-3:30
Photography High School/Adult 4:00-6:00
Fee per camp - $200 each

5/26/2017 - 7/14/2017 3x a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) 4:00pm - 6:00pm 
CCA Gym and CCA Aux Gym 
$300 FEE

Ravens Sand Volleyball club will have practices on Monday
Matches will be on Thursdays starting in late February.  League runs from February 13 - May 11 
Meet at CCA Sand Volleyball Courts 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm 
Club Fee - $300

March 13 - May 24  Meets 3 times a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) 
6:30pm - 8:30pm 
Aux Gym
Fee: $250 p/p

March 20, 2017 to June 16, 2017
$100 FEE

Run by varsity coaches Rachel Morris and Ariel Haas along with notable alumni currently/formerly playing in college as well as current varsity players, camp this summer promises to be great fun and a wonderful opportunity to improve your game no matter the level.
This years camp will be an all skills camp and will incorporate lots of direct 1-on-1 instruction, detailed breakdown of technical skills through fun and engaging drills, as well as numerous opportunities to compete.  Courts will be limited to 12 players per, and a minimum of 2 coaches per court (1 coach/every 6 campers 
7/10/2017 - 7/12/2017    9:00 AM - 11:00 AM in the CCA Gym & CCA Auxiliary Gym
$180 per/student

The Raven High School Basketball Clinic is for players who are interested in being part of the boy’s basketball program next season. Brian Baum, head basketball coach at Canyon Crest Academy and former assistant coach at Emory University, along with other Canyon Crest Academy coaches will stress team and player development.  6/20/2017 - 7/20/2017
3 times a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)  3:00pm - 5:00pm  
$250 per student

The Raven High School Basketball Clinic is for players who are interested in being part of the boy’s basketball program next season. Brian Baum, head basketball coach at Canyon Crest Academy and former assistant coach at Emory University, along with other Canyon Crest Academy coaches will stress team and player development.
5/30/2017 - 7/13/2017  3 times a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) 3:00pm - 5:00pm
$300 per student

Join the CCA Foundation Board

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Interested in joining the CCA Foundation Board? Information about our board positions with links to documentation describing each position's responsibilities can be found by clicking on the position: 

Board Directors

Newsletter and Eblast Archives

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Want to know what's happening at CCA? Read the latest edition of the CCA Foundation Newsletter! and all of our CCA Foundation eBlasts

eScrip for Everyone

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Please help us meet our goal to have 100% of CCA families sign up for eScrip! Take a minute to REGISTER NOW! Register your Vons Club Card, your Ralphs Rewards Card, and your Target REDcard to help raise money for CCA. It will make a BIG difference. Think you're already enrolled? You STILL need to RENEW each year. Log on to - sign in - click on red check Yes to renew. Questions: call Sue Bednar at 858-481-0400 or email Stephen.Bednar

We can do it for you! Click here to enter your details.

If you prefer to do it yourself, follow the instructions below:

Do you Shop at Ralphs? Register your Ralphs Reward card online at and select Canyon Crest Academy as your organization. (CCA # is 80088.) Or call 1-800-443-4438.

Do you shop at Target? Register your Target REDcard online at and select Canyon Crest Academy as your organization. (CCA # is 153512.) Or call 1-800-316-6142.

Do you Shop at Vons? When using your Vons Club Card, REMEMBER to pay with cash, check, or debit card at checkout. As of November 1, 2013 credit cards no longer earn school $$.

  1. You will need your Vons Club Card Number (NOT your phone Number!) If you're not sure of the number, call 877-723-3929 and choose option #4 (and then #2 to give them your phone number). They will look up your Vons Club Card Number for you.
  2. Log on to and click on Sign Up (or Welcome and then Sign Up). Enter the School ID #500000839 (Canyon Crest Academy Foundation.) Register your Vons Club Card Number. You can also register credit and debit cards, as these will earn escrip dollars from participating restaurants.

CCA Spirit Wear Store

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Purchase CCA Spirit Wear and support the CCA Foundation! Free shipping or pickup at readiness days available, see the CCA Spirit Wear Store for details.

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