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2009-10 Donors

The Canyon Crest Academy Foundation would like to thank all the contributors to the 2009-10 campaign for their generous donations. Your contributions helped us provide extraordinary programs and opportunities for all the students at Canyon Crest Academy!

This donor list is current up to June 30, 2010. Please contact the Foundation Treasurer for any corrections.

DONORS July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010
Updated 7/12/2010

Legacy of Learning ($10,000 and up)

John and Becky Chamberlain
Michael and Yvonne Parziale
Steven and Theresa Schoenfeld
Jeffery and Nicolle Thomas

Chancellor ($5,000 - $9,999)

FIRST Foundation
Hertzman Foundation
Jason and Shay Hughes
The Lents Foundation
Douglas and Denise Regnier
Darren and Kim Robbins
Jonathan and Maureen Tate

Dean ($2,500 - $4,999)

Levent Alkibay
Alan Balfour
Charles and Nancy Briscoe
Eric and Michelle Carlborg
Taylor and Uschi Crouch
Tom DeFanti and Kathy Tanaka
Bill and Leslie Eiffert
Rich and Janet Ernst
George and Barbara Farinsky
Ben and Sue Frishberg
Roni Gardinier
Mark and Janet Handzel
Chuck and Lisa Helsel
Barry and Lisa Henderson
Bryan and Di Holker
Roger and Amber Martin
Michael Jackson and Clare McGowan
David and Theresa Milder
Neil and Anna Mintz
Robert and Patricia Nascenzi
Chris and Susan Naire
Nordson Corporation
Ruth Peterson
Howard and Denise Schwartz
Larry and Lynn Scott
Bill and Lise Shanahan
Gregg and Eileen Silverman
Mark and Teri Snell
Steven and Katherine Stafford
Aron and Colleen Stein
Robert and Londi Sullivan
Mark and Alice Toothacre
Simon and Julie Warner
Patrick and Jill Wolcott
Jiuying Zhou and Xiu Yu

Scholar ($1,000 - $2,499)

Darryl and Susan Abramson
Gerald and Kristin Adams
John and Maureen Aitken
Edward Allen and Kristin Cadenhead
Steve and Lori Allen
Chris Appleton and Suzanne Tylka
Duncan and Christie Beniston
Alan and Jacqueline Benjamin
Tracy Thompson Bennett
Stewart and Barbara Bieler
Francis and Amy Bockman
Chris and Cathy Breault
Lance and Denise Brendel
Russell and Linnet Brew
Tim and Lynn Brooks
Jim and Beth Broussalian
Tom and Sandy Brown
Steve and Tracy Burgett
Daniel and Nobuko Butterfield
Sean and Lisa Cavanaugh
Kyle Chan and Cathy Swindlehurst
Scot and Aileen Cheatham
Jim and Elke Chenevey
Bryan and Amanda Chin
Janet Choi
Jerry and Linda Clark
Jay Cohen and C. Adele Josepho
Robert and Bari Cunningham
Eric and Mary Ann Davidson
William and Susan Davidson
Russell Davis and Kim Gutner
Paul Dean and Susan Connelly
Douglas and Jeanne Decker
John and Jill Dillard
Todd and Laurie Doyle
Paul and Tani Duke
Steven and Ingrid Edelman
Ken and Kim Farinsky
Josh and Caron Feder
Michael and Vivian Fontaine
Mark and Audreen Frapwell
Tim and Nancy Gackstetter
Bill and Holly Gastil
TC Ghosh
Rob and Kristen Gilchrist
Jeremy and Nancy Glaser
Jim and Tina Giubilato
Larry Goldstein and Connie Holm
Lakshmi and Srinivasa Gollapudi
Gary and Julianne Graessle
Jim and Carrie Greenstein
David and Collen Grobisen
Carla Grosmann
The Guess Family
Michael and Miryeong Han
David and Janet Harry
Robert Higuchi and Rebecca Schmitt
Wilson Hom and Wendy Zhuang
Richard Huver
Michael and Dina Irwin
Roberto Jappelli and AnnaKatrin Petersen
Nan Jiang
Harold and Sandy Kaloogian
John and Lisa Kay
Andrew King and Dianne McKay
Steven and Sarah King
Christopher and Allyson Kneib
Larry and Carol Kriesmer
Adam Kuspa
James and Lynn LaBelle
James Laing and Susan Robison
James and Dawn Lawson
Richard and Sharon Leib
John and Nancey Lyden
Qimin and Ce Ma
Peter and Heidi Maretz
John and Jacqueline Marin
Mario and Colleen Marquez
Robert Marren and Amy Shuss
Ian and Diane McCallum
Ryan and Jill McCardell
Kirk and Dana McCaskill
Steven and Jennifer McDowell
Chris and Felice McGrath
David and Margie McGuigan
James Mercer and Shan McClure
Scott and Beth Mercer
Scott and Tracy Michael
Chris and Jennifer Miller
John and Cathleen Miller
Mark and Joan Mimnaugh
Don and Alyta Mitchell
Steve and Ellen Mitgang
John and Stephanie Moceri
Philip and Aimee Monroe
Scott and Gayle Morrison
Miles and Carrie Munson
Jeffrey and Janice Nesses
Albert Nguyen and Thanh Huyen
Steven and Karla Niles
Ronald and Suzanne Nitz
Craig and Perry Noble
James and Insu Nuzzi
Ken and Sabina Osetkowski
Tahir and Saadia Paul
Steve and Kathryn Pelisek
John and Janet Perlman
Mike and Laura Pierce
Amir and Dana Rajwany
Martin and Kerstin Renschler
Nitzan and Danielle Reouveni
Richard and Marcia Rigg
Peter and Debby Rock
George and Carol Rodriguez
Jeremy Roth and Julie Freeman
Walt and Kate Rusinek
Claudia Russell
Craig and Helene Saffer
Richard and Margaret Sarif
Tom and Cindy Schaub
Michael and Sharon Schulzki
Ted Schwarz and Vinni Brown
David and Brenda Seitz
Society for Science and The Public
Mark and Sharon Steele
Christine Strohmeyer
Mark and Trudie Strumwasser
Jeffrey and Jill Sugar
Francis and Antoinette Swarts
Kechun Tang and Jiali Li
Eric and Julie Union
Dennis and Judy Uyemura
Ed and Gloria Tsu
Rick and Marcia Turek
Michael Twyman and Amy Seki
Victor Vianu and Karen Nelson
William and Matilda Wachsman
Dwight and Andrea Wait
David and Sherry Walborn
Tom and Joan Waltman
Dingneng Wang and Xiaobing Xiong
Richard and Ruth Warburg
Michael and Amy Warlick
Eric and Barbara Weinberg
Bruce Weisman and Tiffany Medina
Brian Welge and Rene BarbieriWelge
John and Kit Wells
Stephan Worland and Joanne Chory
Jonathan and Hallie Worsey
Dale and Julie Yahnke

Masters ($500 - $999)

Matt and Shelly Adams
Machel  Allen
Terry Allon
Richard Baer and Sherry Singer
Philip Bannatyne and Cara Feldberg
Miguel and Virginia Barbosa
Jim and Marguerite Barrett
Josh and Eleanor Beadle
Rolf and Mary Benirschke
Michael Berg and Michelle Moore
Jeff and Amy Bernstein
Tony and Pauline Bianchi
Ken Biblowitz and Michele Gorcey
Stewart and Greta Borie
Gavin and Karen Brady
Craig and Laurie Bramlett
Keith and Nicki Brandt
Doug and Linda Brems
Daniel and Susan Bright
Jeffrey and Carol Brown
Beth Brust
Alison Brysk
David and Michelle Campbell
John and Judy Champ
Hichun and Kyuhee Chang
Jeff and Catherine Charles
James and Leslie Chen
Peng Chen and Huiqing Zhu
Allen and Carine Chitayat
Mark and Susan Clark
Dennis and Kristine Coats
John Comito
Gene Cubbison and Jan Hudson
Joanne Danssaert
John and Carina Deans
Don Deel and Allison Skier
Mark and Tricia DePinto
David and Linda Dinerman
David and Denise Donar
Lyle and Gretchen Donovan
JC and Julie Duncan
Qui Duong
Claire Cellier Erickson
Mark and Cynthia Estle
Mark and Judie Fehrenbach
John and Bridget Ferrer
Jay Ficicchy and Carla Goldsberry
Michael Flumian and Moira McGrain
Howard and Laurie Francis
Xavier and Janis Fregoso
Steve and Stacey Fricker
Stephen and Rachel Friedman
Michael Gardner and Suganya Viriyakosol
Karl Garrison and Meeitun Hsu
Dean and Sandy Gereaux
Edward and Maryann Goodrich
Michael and Kimberly Gosling
Judith Grant
Hal and Eileen Hahn
Mohammad and Marianna Hakamian
Joel and Jeann Hartley
Robert and Lori Hastings
John and Kristine Heffner
John and Stacy Hickman
Matthew and Nancy Hozouri
Chien and Wenyu Huang
Thomas and Diane Huckabee
Inkyu and Mijin Hwang
Paul and Joan Hynes
Thomas and Jennifer Ingrassia
Helen Irza
Ron and Sarah Iwamiya
Greg and Julie Jahn
Scott and Pamela Johnston
Jeffery and Holly Jones
Tom and Kathy Jurgensen
Richard and Hollie Kahn
Rich Kaplan and Nancy Evans
William and Adelina Kazmierowicz
Liz Kern
Mike and Beth Kimball
Glenn and Van Kiyono
Charles and Rebecca Klatch
Eric and Christy Klein
Tom and Adrienne Klopack
Steve and Cathy Kohler
David and Michelle Krakower
Lee and Kathleen Krevat
Rick and Debbie Kroner
Otto and Judy Kruse
Larry and Anne Kuzminsky
Michael and Paula Lack
David and Denise Lawson
Richard and Donna Lebert
Paul and Debra Lee
Lewis Leicher and H. Michal Shafir
Michelle Levin
Peng and May Li
Dina Lieber
Ron and Nora Lifton
Bob and Jill Lombard
Lawrence and Chelle Maio
Richard and Susan Matsey
Jim and Sheila Matthews
Brett and Denise Matus
Clay and Cindy Mayers
Dan and Machelle McCarthy
Michael and Karen McClune
Brad and Vanessa McCombs
James and Daphne McMullen
K. Merchant and M. Wells
David and Chris Mersten
John and Susan Miller
Gary Miner and Barb Horwitz
Lars and Elise Molin
Anton and Barbara Monk
John and Maria Montana
Michael and Marjorie Morrison
Haydeh and Sharhiar Moshki
Mark and Eileen Moss
Andrew and Martha Murphy
Noriko and Yoshi Narukawa
Harvey and Brenda Nickerson
Julien and Breda Nicolas
Sanjay Nigam and Vibha Bhatnagar
David and Sandy Nolan
Jim and Grace Norwood
James and Patti Ochi
Daniel and Stacie O'Halloran
Michael and Leslie O'Leary
Michael and Adrienne Orfield
James O'Shea and Michelle Kim
Andrei Osterman and Olga Zagmitko
David and Ilene Ostroff
Pramod and Asmita Patel
Jeff and Dori Patterson
Ta Peng and Hsu Yi Chang
W. Perry and P. Radcliff
Francisco Piedrafita and Maria Ortiz
Wendy Pierro
Chris and Daphne Platt
Russell and Tracy Pompeo
Shawn and Erin Pynes
Lincoln and Jenny Quintana
Joel Quirt
Michael Radomyshelsky
Stanley and Robyn Rapoport
Mark and Lori Rappaport
Bob and Linda Rauch
Ken and Kari Ravazzolo
Clark and Betsy Richard
Don and Dawn Robinson
David and Kim Rosen
Paul and Ruth Rowe
Ted and Carol Rutter
Doug Sampson and Marla Hatrak
Barton and Debra Schade
Victor and Jo Ann Schorn
Bernhard and Janice Schroeder
Mike Scott and Pamela Parker
Robert and Julia Scull
Thomas and Tracy Scutti
Andrew and Agnes See
Richard and Cindy Sfeir
Larry Shen and Sally Wu
Gary and Robin Shifren
Daniel and Michelle Shinoff
Daniel and Lori Smiley
Gregory and Tara Smith
Jeff and Beth Solomon
Michael and Danielle Spitters
Laura Stansberry
M. Staubus and E. Dodge
Lee and June Stein
Keith and Deborah Stone
Ying Su and Xiaokun Zhang
Richard and Greta Sybert
Michael and Janet Taetzsch
William and Carolyn Taylor
Charlie and Marianne Thurston
Clay and Amy Titus
Alan Udin and Kathleen Basquil
Bill and Linda Unrue
Ivan and Lilian Vachovsky
Lori Vagner
Vinod and Sunita Varrier
Daniel and Paula Vicario
Patrick and Jacqueline Vogt
Peter and Andrea Vonk
Gregory and Jennifer Voss
Gregory and Carol Wakeman
Jay Warren
Barry Weinstein and Eileen Kushner
James and Sybil Wendler
Alton and Sandra White
Dann and Marji Wilkens
Steven and Carol Willing
Robert and Lynda Wities
James and Donna Wolosin
Gad and Daphna Zeilingold
Sheldon and Susan Zhang
Hengyi Zhu and Xianjun Cao
Russ Zorn
Zucker Law Firm

Advocate (Up to $499)

Isaac and Lucy Alchalel
Mark Allen and Jacqueline Cruz
Philip and Barbara Altfest
Javier Alverde
Bud and Rachel Anderson
Michael and Jocelyn Angel
Gregory and Kimberly Anton
Deborah Art
William and Cheryl Arthur
Shintaro Asako and Margarita Hernandez
Dean Asaro
Karen Asaro
Sue Atkinson
Dan and Cameron Auerbach
Brian and Ann Baharie
Angela Baker
Ellen Baker
Ted and Gale Bakker
Michelle Baratta
Caroline Barberio
Eric and Marisa Barge
Fred and Judy Baron
Rick and Keely Barrera
Lucy Barreto
Brian and BethAnne Bartell
Gregory and Eugenia Barth
Bob and Katherine Barton
Hauke Bartsch and Wiebke Elbe
Chaitan and Sundari Baru
Wenceslad and Zenaida Bassig
Ted and Barbara Batha
Todd and Allison Beach
Beach Cities Chiropractic
Steve and Cinnie Beal
Dan and Becky Beamer
Kevin and Margaret Becker
Doug Belden
Ken Belitz and Naomi Oreskes
Marsha Bell
Joel and Michelle Benatar
Joseph and Lynn Benzoni
Steven and Amy Berg
Howard and Marsha Berkson
Colin and Jillian Berman
Ramon Bernal and Maria  Halersol
Louise Bernier
Roger Bernstein
Timothy and Barbara Biers
Greg and Kelly Billmeyer
Ron and Marilyn Bock
Johnny Borok
Nicola Borok
Christopher and Cameron Borst
O. Bouhaddou and P. Durbize
Thomas Bower and Susan Roony
Trisha Brady
Michael Brage
Kristen Bramble
David and Jean Brandos
Robert Brenner
Dania Brett
Brian and Licia Britt
John and Catherine Bromhead
David Brooks and Tamara Keirsay
William and Julie Brothers
John and Patsy Brotherton
Frank and Hiliary Brown
Steve Brucker and Colleen Callahan
John and Cheryl Buchanan
Barbara Buck
Shauna Buffington
Johnathan Burbaum
Michael and Jodi Burke
Brad and Lisa Burkle
Dale and Nancy Burton
Daniel and Carol Busch
Robert and Nashiwa Butler
Albert and Simone Camilleri
Salvatore and Barbara Capizzi
Jan Capon
Scott and Ilse Cappel
Renee Carroll
David and LuAnn Carter
Carsten and Uzen Carstens
Lori Carstens
Sean Casey and Lovisa Josephson
Alan Cash and Kathy Brown
Kristi Cavanaugh
Leslie Chan
Austin Chave and Charmaine Semeniuk
David and Bridget Chelf
Dan Tu Chen
Eric and Vivian Chen
HongYann Chen and PeiLee Lin
Soo and Yeon Cho
Louis and Sophia Choi
Sanjiv and Sheila Chopra
Dana Chortkoff
Patricia Church
Desiree Cika
Laura ClarkBecker
Douglas and Cindy Clarke
Dan Close
Natasha Cluff
Mary Cochran
David and Robyn Cohen
Jordan and Jackie Cohen
Lawrence and Kellye Cohen
Rolf Cohn and Judy Muller-Cohn
Erik Colban
Laura Colban
Bruce and Christy Colford
Patrick and Luella Connelly
Jerome Cook
Fernando Corona
Dana and Lynn Covey
J Crocamo and C Antonelli
Sandra Crow
Tom Csordas and Janis Jenkins
Jim and Karen Curl
Dean and Caroline Curry
John and Joyce Dalessandro
Don and Maricaye Daniels
Leda Davenport
Joshua and Margaret Dean
Philip and Sandy Del Negro
Davis Denton
Linda DeStephano
Andrew and Michelle Detwiler
Susan DeVincent
Bob and Shelley DeVries
Nora Dewey
Diana Dial
Tom and Julie Dickinson
Don and Theresa Difabrizio
Karen Dillen
Brent and Olga Dils
Michael and Mary Djavaherian
Curtis Donar
Quin Dong and Xiaohong Chen
Peter Donkor
David and Vickie Driver
Mary Drummond
James and Mary Dufour
Kelly Dunham
Donna Durlak
Russell Dushman
JeanPierre Duvinage and Diane Labonte
Gary and Joan Dyer
Kevin and Kelly Eastwood
Gary and Carol Edwards
Bob and Leah Edzant
Robert and Kimberly Eichler
Michael and Laura Elbaz
Fred and Darlene Elsner
Steven and Esther Elster
Michael and Kim Emerson
Daniel and Suzie Engel
Mary Engen
Edward and Rhonda Epstein
Stephen and Lucy Eskeland
Scott and Victoria Evans
Elie and Lori Feghali
David and Sara Feldman
Howard and Barbara Feldman
Samantha Fenn
Don Ficken
Toni Ficken
Pete and Tracy Filler
Barry and Gaylene Fisch
Marc and Alana Fishel
Jon and Lynn Fleming
Paul and Cheri Fleuelling
Eulogio and Rosa Flores
Gabriele Foos
Douglass Jane Forbes
Joseph and Gwen Ford
Geoffrey Forster and Lorraine Pfahl
Tom Forsyth
Tim and Nancy Franks
Mark Freeman
Armando and Mercedes Freire
Glenn Frieder
Ira and Ellen Friedman
Tom Friedman and Colleen Veneri
Michael and Marisa Fry
Dixie Gaines
Carl and Cari Gallenson
Alfredo and Sheila Gallone
Ian and Kerry Galton
David and Sylvia Geffen
General Atomics
Frank and Nita Gill
Franco and Blanca Giovannari
Donald and Laura Glatthorn
Ray and Karen Gliner
Steve and Robyn Goldberg
Frances Goldstein
Robert Goldstein and Amy Schick
Steven and Charlotte Goldstein
Thomas and Deborah Goode
J. Goodmacher and Lynda Flohr
Martyn and Johanna Goulding
David and Lisa Granet
Debra Grannick
Richard and Carolyn Grant
Eric Grasshoff and Ellen Yee
Lori Graves
Marta Greenberg
Buddy and Gail Greene
Arthur and Deborah Gruen
Karin Guefen
Orlando and Cynthia Guiang
Gary and Dana Gunning
Swati and Rana Gupta
Vina Gutierrez
Adam and Dasha Guzik
Danielle Haber
Jeff and Patricia Hall
Dave and Colleen Hanna
Gary Harman and Diane Greening
Scott and Lisa Harris
Daniel Harrison and Laura Herperger
Charles Hayden
Michael and MaryJane Hayter
Yingwei He and Yang Liu
James and Rhonda Hebert
Timothy and Paige Heenan
Kenneth and Wynne Heilbrunn
Lou and Laura Hennequin
Fritz and Cindy Hesse
Richard and Christy Heymann
Stephen and Rosanna Heywood
Jurg and Annabeth Hinderling
Tim Hnedak and Ann Fuller
Tom and Anita Hoban
Granger and Leslie Hodgson
Ghyboong and Jiyun Hong
Scott Honnen
Kevin Hopp
Alan Houston and Barbara Edwards
Kuogee and Meilan Hsieh
Tzer and Pichuan Hung
Maninder and Namrata Hunjan
Diane Hutchison
Margaret Huver
Long Hwa and Lily Chen
Alan Hyatt and Joan Gildin
Marc and Paula Intravaia
Jude Irza
Kim Jacobson
Amir and Rachna Jafri
Linda James
Paul Jarrad
Brian and Lucy Jiang
Robert and Rhonda Johnson
Ron Johnson
Jeffrey Jolley and Carolyn Whitney
John Jolley
Michael and Chau Josey
Tzyy and Ping Jung
Walter and Cheryl Justice
Alex and Ruenrudee Juwvipart
Michael Kamdar and Amanda Johnston
Yongho and Helen Kang
Jake Kelsoe
Kelley Kelsoe
Richard and Nancy Kern
Rohit and Resham Keshav
Shafi Khalid and Pariza Rahman
Nandita and Sandeep Khanna
John and Shirley Kharsa
John and Julia Kiel
Robert and Jennifer Kightlinger
Craig and Michelle Killman
Chang and Inki Kim
Hyun Mi Kim
Clarence King and Keiko AraiKing
Martin and Vicki King
Chris and Katherine Kingery
James Kinney
Daniel and Chantal Sicile Kira
Howard and Joanna Kirshner
Ronald and Danette Klein
Craig and Gabrielle Knox
Evan and Nancy Knuttila
Brain Kohn
Leonard and Linda Koltun
Chris Korn
Wayne and Susan Kornreich
David and Debra Kramer
Alexandre and Yelena Krasnikov
Beth Kupanoff
Charles and Brenda Kuznia
Ricky and Elisa Kwong
Bill and Evelyn Lamden
Robert and Michelle Lamkin
Jeff and Susan Lampe
Jason and Iris Lampel
Patrick and Elaine Lanoiselee
Gregory and Laine Lansing
Paola Lanza and Rosario Billetta
Paul Laskin
Mimi Lattuca
Kawai and Monica Lau
Jack Leaming
Jae and Sook Lee
Paul and Julie Lee
Jose and Hilda Leisorek
Diane Lents
Jane Leonard
Gary and Jodi Levinson
Russell and Tess Lewis
Hui Li
Kyong and Aeri Lim
Marcelo and Amelia Lima
Richard and Jessie Lin
Richard and Melanie Lin
Mike and Blair Lindberg
Mats and Annila Lindstrom
Jeff and Linda Little
Sam and Thao Liu
Charles Lo and Christine Mih
Andrew and Michelle Lombard
Francisco and Patricia Lopez
Jeff and Christine Loyland
Pablo Loza and Anna Pedroza
Terry and Sandra Lubenow
Kim Lunzer
Katrina Luong
Dawn Lyons
Robert MacLeod and Pierina Ubilla
Tim and Emelyn Malott
David and Patti Malmuth
Joan Maloney
Steven Mannis and Kane Handel
John and Barbara Mansdorfer
Mark and Nancy Marcin
George and Elizabeth Mariscal
Michael and Lois Mark
Edward and Marlene Maron
Antonio Marquez and Patricia Botelho
Gerry Martin
Martin and Anne Masri
Lisa Massry
Mark and Jenny Matten
Nikolay and Tatyana Matusov
Chris Maxson
Mark and Karen Mayford
Gregory and Michelle Maynard
James and Rosna Mazurkiewicz
Mike and Michelle McAllister
Gary and Debbie McClanahan
Roger and Kari McCloskey
Mike and Maria McClurg
Shayne McCool
Colin and Angela McCormick
Donald and Sharon McCormick
Laurie McGuerty
Michael and Elizabeth Meier
Les and Dawnette Meredith
Jim and Di Meredith
Colleen Mezouari
Robin and Parti Mickens
Micro Online Services
Amir Mikanik
Chris and Shari Miller
Yury and Marina Miller
George and Robin Missailidis
Fost and Alla Misyutin
Mary Lou Mitchell
Victor and Monica Mizrahi
Kevin and Cindy Monaghan
Phillip and Frances Monroe
Amy Montague
Mark Montminy and Lisa Stellwagen
Mike Moore and Anna DeModena
Barry Moores
Richard and Debbie Morrell
Haim and Anat Moskowitz
Dario Moscoso
Nancy Moy
Philip and Jill Moylan
George and Kim Mueller
David Mullin
Boyd and Agnes Mulloy
William and Laura Murphy
Hiro Nakayama and Kumiko Matsumoto
Zagrous and Farideh Nasirpourt
Zoraida Nasto
Paul and Amy Needelman
Angelina Neglia
Teri Nelson
Michael Newman
Randy and Karen Newman
Amanda Newsome
Bao Nguyen and Nga Pham
Pok and Sun No
Kim and Ken Noah
Romila Notani
Neda Nourani
Rick and Susan O'Connell
Chris and Anne Marie Oldham
Dennis and Lora O'Leary
Mika Ono
Mike and Sonya O'Rosky
Tristan and Sally Orpin
Auturo and Eugenia Ortega
Rick and Joni Osteen
Juan Pablo and Mary Frias
Alicia Palacin
Anthony and Rebeca Palermino
Ray and Heidi Pappalardo
Don and Laraine Parcher
Soohong and Seounga Park
Soojin and Soon Park
Younghee Park and Chin Kyu
Elliot Parks and Michele Yelmene
Daniel and Jennifer Pascucci
Dave Paton
John and Mary Patterson
Jim and Suzanne Patton
Scott and Tonya Paul
Jose and Elina Pruneda Paz
Charles and Elva Pearse
Doug Perkins and Carolyn West-Perkins
Eric and Erica Peterson
Keith Peterson and Catherine McDonald
Brad and Jackie Phillips
Jonathan and Maura Phinney
Scott and Marianne Pickett
Michael and Azita Pineda
Edward and Colleen Plecha
Joe and Kit Pogliano
Glenn and Therese Pollack
Bonnie Pollak
Eric Pomeroy
Sascha and Susan Popov
Frederick Powell and Rose Sekulovich
Paul and Julee Press
Suzanne Preiss
Jeff and Ann Price
Will and Tracy Priest
The Princeton Review
Michael and Denise Pruter
Al and Susan Quintero
Orlando and Laura Quirch
Bernard and Andrea Raemy
Cyrus and Kimberly Raoufpur
Sam and Jennifer Rasmussen
Eugene Raush and Irina Kufareva
Laura Redwine
Neil and Beth Regan
Pamela Reger
Syed and Ghazala Rehan
Dean and Colleen Reinmuth
John Reis and Linda Hart
Josefina Reyes
Tim Rhodes
Michael and Deanna Rich
James and Marianne Rigopoulos
Phillip and Patricia Rios
Carl and Jacqueline Roberts
William Roberts and Deborah Schiff
Mark Robles and Susan Noll
Johnny and Brenda Rodriguez
Robert and Syliva Rodriguez
Steve and Christina Roman
Bob and Aimee Rombach
Iris Ronai
David Roper
Renata Rosander
Sandra Rosenbalm
Sanna Rosengren
Sydney and Rachelle Rosin
Carl and Peg Ross
John and Lillian Rutledge
Tony and Gita Saadat
Dan and Patti Saenz
Satoshi and Dawn Sakurai
Jeff and Shelly Sander
Bruce and Michelle Sandler
Leland and Debbie Sandler
Yogesh and Alpa Sanghvi
Marialyn Sardo
Howard and Mika Sawada
Allison Saxman
Robert and Marlene Scherk
Greg Schibler
Chris and Veronica Schirm
Sue Schmidle
Richard and Gail Schnell
David Schrimmer
Rod and Cynthia Schrock
Karl Schwenkmeyer
Lucas and Leigh Schumacher
Tom Schutz
Jean and Donna Seligman
Steve and Linda Selk
Tim and Sara Senneff
Robert and Jill Severns
Kenny and Anne Marie Sheppard
Jiandong Shi and Xiaoqing Li
Stephen and Audrey Shillington
Abkar and Fariba Shokouhi
Jeff and Karen Silberman
Stephen and Karyn Simmonds
Tom and Eve Simmons
Mitch and Debbie Simon
Jordan Sinow and Nancy Janda
Nilofar Siyar
Gary Skerl
Jonathan and Sally Skerritt
Steve and Margo Skinner
Simon and Trudi Smith
Ian and Linda Smulowitz
Keith Sonnier and Charlene Auld
Maryanne Sorge
Joseph Sorge
Brian and Deborah Sorlie
John and Lacey Spelich
Gina Spinks
Claire Stanley
Marcia Stanley
Michael and Susan Stapleton
Andrew Stoecker
Corbett and Kristi Stone
Martin and Claudine Stone
Tom and Kim Stratton
Milton Strauss
Michael and Laura Stuber
Jim and Randie Sturtevant
Marge Sunder
Eric and Carolyn Swayze
David and Judie Swinington
Henri and Eeva Syanen
Rao Tadimeti and Krishna Meduri
Faran and Marie Tahir
Jay Tcicchy and Stacy Slagor
Paolo and Ana Cristina Testelli
Nathan and Karen Thernes
Stephen and Haidee Thesing
Colin and Karen Thomas
Ted and Debbie Thompson
Patrick and JoAnn Tierney
Brad and Karen Tipler
Melinda Tomes
Barry Toyonga and Gail Cotton
Tin and Karen Tran
Mo and Leslie Trikha
James and Carol Tuffield
Allan and Tracy Tuttle
Christopher and Tissa Uchiyama
Phillip and Kelley Vacheron
Eric and Shannon Vajda
Nestor and Jeanne Vallar
Daniel and Lourdes Vasquez
Amy Villanova
Denise Villasenor
Tony Villasenor
Rina Vinetz
Michael and Lisa Voytilla
David Vreeland
David and Ellen Waddell
Fred and Joyce Wahl
Don Wall
Merrill and Sherrie Wall
Shauna Walton
Bill and Lei Wang
James and Joanne Ward
Charlotte Watson
Barry Weinstein and Eileen Kushner
Andrea Weintraub
Richard and Lisa Weintraub
Eric and Joanna Westreich
Roland and Nancy Wheeler
Teri Berardi White
Greg White
Shaun and Sally Whitmore
Robert and Dana Wilcox
Erica Williams
Kristen Wilson
Patrick and Jill Wolcott
Beverly Wolgast
Darryl and Elsa Wong
Leslie Wong
Andrew and Christine Wood
Jennings and Teresa Worley
Jiejun Wu and Hong Zhu
Paul and Sharon Wuest
Max and Cindy Wuthrich
Donghang Xie and Ren Xu
Quan Yang and Xin Qian
Tony and Isabella Yang
Tzung-Horng and Jen-Jen Lin Yang
Hon and Helen Yau
Saeid Yazdani and Fariba Azizi
Michael Yokoyama and Jaye Venuti
Ralph and Teresa Young
Chong and Hong Yuan
Hagit and Amnon Zakay
Rene and Elseke Zenteno
Min and Kanyin Zhang
Xu Zhang and Ling Wang
Zhouhua Zhang and Lingna Li
Jackie Zhou
Hossein and Afsaneh Zomorrodi
Sherri Berg-Zorn
Inigo Garcia Zozaya


Jay Cohen and C Adele Josepho
John and Lacey Spelich
Jonathan and Maureen Tate

Corporate Matching Donors

AON Foundation
Bank of America
General Electric
General Atomics
ITW - Illinois Tool Works
Kimberly Clark
LPL Financial
Merrill Lynch
Mindtel LLC
Northrup Grumman
Pacific Solana Beach Holding, LP
SB Towne Centre LLC
Union Bank
U.S. Bank
Wells Fargo/Wachovia