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2011-12 Donors

The Canyon Crest Academy Foundation would like to add you to the list of contributors to the 2011-12 campaign. Your contributions will help us provide extraordinary programs and opportunities for all the students at Canyon Crest Academy!

Contribute now! Visit the Donate Online page or the Donate by Mail page to make your donation. For more information, contact Gina Mahmood, CCAF Finance Manager (

DONORS July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012
Updated 7/9/2012

Legacy of Learning ($10,000 and up)

John and Becky Chamberlain
Qualcomm Matching Gift Program
Douglas and Denise Regnier
Dale and Julie Yahnke

Chancellor ($5,000 - $9,999)

Baaziz and Maha Achour
Steve and Kimberly Carlson
George and Barbara Farinsky
Joel and Jeann Hartley
Hertzman Foundation Inc
Murphy and Dianne Lents
Nordson Corporation
Dr. Tina Nova
Vanguard Chartiable Endowment
Wells Fargo Foundation Educational Matching Gift Program
Katherine White

Dean ($2,500 - $4,999)

California Community Foundation
Eric and Michelle Carlborg
Peng Chen and Huiqing Zhu
David and Collen Grobisen
Bruce and Janet Kahn
Life Technologies
Gary and Anna Lillian
Marvin and Sachiko Lockhart
Robert Marren and Amy Shuss
Pam Naughton
Ruth Peterson
Captain Douglas and Linda Rose
Andrew and Phaedra Seidel
Trent and Theresa Seltzer
Nick and Vanessa Smith
Jim and Randie Sturtevant
John and Kit Wells

Scholar ($1,000 - $2,499)

Farrokh and Lisa Abrishamkar
Martin and Yunhui Banks
Steven and Eva Barnes
Elizabeth and Brian Bartell
Arnold and Esther Belinsky
Tracy Thompson Bennett
Michael Berg and Michelle Moore
Elizabeth Betts
Stewart and Barbara Bieler
Tina and Vincent Blumenfeld
Chris and Cathy Breault
Jim and Beth Broussalian
Tom and Sandy Brown
David and Michelle Campbell
David Carr and Vicki Hamilton
Jeff and Catherine Charles
Aileen and Scot Cheatham
Bryan and Amanda Chin
Judy and Muller Cohn
Nancy and Drake Coker
Tim and Cindy Condon
Lisa and Trevor Cooper
Laura Copic
Kevin and Lisa Cowles
Uschi and Taylor Crouch
William and Susan Davidson
Del Mar Heights Veterinary Hospital
Del Mar/Solana Beach Rotary Club
Cynthia and Michael DeLuca
Upkar and Vanit Dhaliwal
Chuck and Lisa Doherty
Dan and Jill Donoghue
Robert and Loraine Dyson
Kevin and Kelly Eastwood
Bill and Leslie Eiffert
Ken and Kim Farinsky
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Kim and Mark Filanc
David and Bridget Fleming
Michael and Vivian Fontaine
Geoffrey Forster and Lorraine Pfahl
Sharon and Eric From
Robert and Angela Gascho
Dean and Sandy Gereaux
Gail and Buddy Greene
Jim and Carrie Greenstein
Daniel and Marleen Guess
David and Janet Harry
Michael and Patty Hartogs
Robert and Lori Hastings
Michael and Dina Irwin
ITW Illinois Tool Works Foundation
Roberto Jappelli and Annkatrin Petersen
Cindy Jensen and Jim Lasswell
Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego
Scott and Pamela Johnston
Katherine Jones and Steven Koerber
Inyup Kang and Jin Min
Kilroy Realty Finance Partnership, LP
Marty and Vicki King
Richard and Monica Kiy
Rebecca Klatch and Chuck Flacks
Steven and Nancy Krasnoff
Dave and Leslie Kucera
Ari and Kristy Laliotis
Karen and Tom Landers
Mark and Kristi Lappe
David and Hannah Leavitt
Teresa and Eric Leitstein
Audrey and Steve Levine
Jiali Li
Jim and Jeannie Lingelbach
James and Laura Loye
Robert MacLeod and Pierina Ubilla
Murray and Lori Maloney
Mark and Nancy Marcin
John and Jacqueline Marin
Kimberly and Brendan Martin
Roger and Amber Martin
Keith and Gina Maruska
Joel and Gail McComb
Clare McGowan and Michael Jackson
Chris and Felice McGrath
John & Stephanie Moceri
Motorola Foundation
Josephand Betsy Mullins
Richard and Mari Muscio
Chris and Susan Naire
Craig and Perry Noble
Northrop Grumman Foundation
Martin and Kimberly Paulus
Cathy Pautz and John Moon
Brian and Myra Pelowski
Kim and Eben Perison
John and Janet Perlman
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
John and Kelley Phillips
Matthew Poiset
Marcus and Susan Presar
Price Family Charitable Fund
Lincoln and Penelope Quintana
Bernard and Andrea Raemy
Sydney and Rachelle Rosin
Fakhri and Jehan Salem
Leland and Debbie Sandler
Mika and Howard Sawada
Alexa and Richard Saxon
Victor and JoAnn Schorn
Michael and Sharon Schulzki
Ted Schwarz and Vinnie Brown
David and Brenda Seitz
Michael and Rona Shapouri
Dan and Sarah Shea
Akbar and Fariba Shokouhi
Howard and Leslie Smart
Pam and Bryan Snyder
Chris and Robin Stevens
Mark and Trudie Strumwasser
Sarah and Todd Sutton
Eric and Carolyn Swayze
Mark and Alice Toothacre
Michael and Amy Twyman
Bill and Linda Unrue
Lilian Vachousky
Maurice and Judy Voce
William and Matilda Wachsman
Michael and Christie Walsh
Alton and Sandra White
Traci and Sean Wiggins
Steven and Carol Willing
Darryl and Elsa Wong
Leslie Wong
Jonathan and Hallie Worsey
Hong Yu

Masters ($500 - $999)

Darryl and Susan Abramson
Gerald and Kristin Adams
Matt and Shelly Adams
Yair and Patrizia Aizenman
Scottand Heather Akrie
Edward Allen and Kristin Cadenhead
Bill and Lori Anapoell
Bud and Rachel Anderson
Paul and Deborah Apodaca
Joseph and Lynette Aquilina
James and Natalie Arnett
Dean Asaro
Dirk and Elizabeth Aschmoneit
Malcolm Aste and Tina Beizait
Todd and Allison Beach
Matt and Karey Belshin
Joel and Michelle Benatar
Duncan and Christie Beniston
Alan and Jaqueline Benjamin
Steven and Amy Berg
Paul and Nursel Berlinguette
Eric and Helen Bernd
Jim and Lindsey Berry
Richard and Leslie Biasi
O Bouhaddou and P Durbize
Napoleon and Nancy Bragado
Craig and Laurie Bramlett
Janet Braun
Daniel and Susan Bright
Jeffrey and Carol Brown
Kent & Eileen Brown
Naomi and Steve Buchanan
David and Ara Burklund
J.D. and Christina Burress
Barbara Capizzi
Michael and Linda Carter
Leslie Chan
Christopher and Jennifer Chaplin
Brian and Fiona Chau
David and Bridget Chelf
HongYann Chen and PeiLee Lin
Kevin Chen and Ting Wu
Jim and Elke Chenevey
Kristine and Rico Cheng
Patricia Chien
Kyu Ok Cho
Jungwoo Choe and Unhae Kim
Louis and Sophia Choi
Coldwell Banker Residenial Brokerage
Misty and Tony Cole
Edward and Melissa Cook
Jim and Gina Correll
Mark and Tanya Crooks
Robert and Bari Cunningham
Jerome and Melissa Dawson
Paul Dean and Susan Connelly
Deckers Outdoor Corporation
Kathy dePaolo
Steven and Maria DePetro
Zhuanxin and Lei Ding
Paul and Tani Duke
Qui Duong
Leif Erickson
Richard and Janet Ernst
Howard and Stacy Farfel
David and Monica Federman
Pete and Tracy Filler
Marc and Alana Fishel
Paul and Cheri Fleuelling
Tom Forsyth
Richard and Patricia Freeman
Ben and Sue Frishberg
Jennifer and John Fry
Fusion Academy & Learning Center
Tim and Nancy Gackstetter
Ketan and Purvi Gajiwala
Leslie Gargas
Terence and Alison Gaughan
Bassem Georgy
TC Ghosh
Charles and Maria Gilbreth
Steve and Robyn Goldberg
Martyn and Johanna Goulding
Howard and Debra Grannick
Alan and Deanna Grozen
Oivin and Ninon Guicherit
Hal and Eileen Hahn
Michael and Miryeong Han
Sue and Dana Harris
John and Kristine Heffner
Dan and Cynthia Heinemann
Chuck and Lisa Helsel
Chris and Avril Hibberd
John and Stacy Hickman
Jurg and Annabeth Hinderling
Tim Hnedak and Ann Fuller
Ghyboong and Jiyun Hong
Matthew and Nancy Hozouri
Chien and Wenyu Huang
Elizabeth and Brian Hughes
Paul Hursky and Ann Yee
Kathlyn Ignacio and Roger Cloyd
Thomas and Jennifer Ingrassia
Invest In Others Charitable Foundation
David and Nicole Jackson
Nitin and Deepti Jain
Guofang Jiao and Yan Wang
Robert and Rhonda Johnson
Richard and Hollie Kahn
Phil and Debbie Kalinowski
Dr. Harold and Sandy Kaloogian
Daniel and Debbie Kaplan
Rich Kaplan and Nancy Evans
John and Lisa Kay
John and Kiran Kennedy
Mike and Beth Kimball
James and Kathleen Kirkpatrick
Glenn and Van Kiyono
Tom and Adrienne Klopack
Daria Kochevaia
Anil Kulkarni
Larry and Anne Kuzminsky
Charles and Brenda Kuznia
Ricky and Elisa Kwong
Michael and Paula Lack
James and Dawn Lawson
Jonathan and Julie Laymon
Jae Sun Lee and Kyung Ah Yoon
Mei and Chiu Li
Ron and Nora Lifton
Paul Lighterink and Sandy Stewart
Richard Lin and Jessie Ma
Richard and Melanie Lin
Charles Lo and Christine Mih
Louis C. & Celia K. Grossberg Foundation
Elizabeth Lovenberg
Ken and Sheila Loyd
Terry and Sandra Lubenow
Kevin and Darcy Lyons
Maha Mahalakshmi
Gina and Mark Mahmood
Tim and Emelyn Malott
Danielle Martin
Joel and Pamela Martin
Mike and Michelle McAllister
Ian and Diane McCallum
Ryan and Jill McCardell
Brad and Vanessa McCombs
Steven and Jennifer McDowell
Steve and Dana McGowan
Alana and John McNulty
Angel and Linda Mendez
Chris and Shari Miller
Brian and Karen Monks
John and Maria Montana
Robert Moon
Scott & Suzanne Morris
Thomas Murphy and Margaret Bazini
Surf Cities Chapter National Charity League
Jeffrey and Janice Nesses
Steven and Karla Niles
Michael and Annette North
North Shore Girls Softball
Daniel and Stacie O'Halloran
James O'Shea and Michelle Kim
Dave and Maria Olson
Mika Ono
Oracle Corporation Matching Gifts Program
Rick and Joni Osteen
Andrei Osterman and Olga Zagmitko
David and Ilene Ostroff
Richard and Lou Pascoe
Mehul and Sunita Patel
Michelle Paulus
Alana Pejouan
Jim Perdue and Susan Swett
W Perry and P Radcliff
Keith Peterson and Catherine McDonald
Brad and Jackie Phillips
Chris and Daphne Platt
Jim Posakony and Pamela Mellon
Frederick Powell and Rose Sekulovich
Kimber and Nigel Quinney
Orlando and Laura Quirch
Stanley and Robyn Rapoport
Nelson and Cynthia Rasquinha
Linda and Bob Rauch
Suresh and Sowmya Rayana
Syed and Ghazala Rehan
Thomas and Gretchen Rhoads
Clark and Betsy Richard
Phillip and Patricia Rios
George and Carol Rodriguez
Bob and Aimee Rombach
David and Kim Rosen
Irene and Bernie Rosenthal
Walt Rusinek and Kate Patterson
Craig and Helene Saffer
Bruce and Michelle Sandler
Yogesh and Alpa Sanghvi
Jeffery and Korey Sarokin
Barton and Debra Schade
Laurie and Mark Schmid
Karsten and Marion Schmidt
Schwab Charitable Fund
Jacquelyn Schwartz
Mike Scott and Pamela Parker
John and Cindy Simitzi
Stacy Slagor
David and Laurel Smith
Neil and Tanya Smith
Stacy Smith and Lisa St. John
M Staubus and E Dodge
Aron and Colleen Stein
Paul Steitz and Theresa Dailey
Timothy Stiven
Summa Education
Kiyoshi and Hisako Tachikawa
Jonathan and Maureen Tate
Zachary and Jennifer Taylor
Patrick and JoAnn Tierney
Brad and Karen Tipler
Leonid and Elaine Tokman
David and Karen Trissel
Alex Tsakiris and Joni Johnston
U.S. Bancorp Foundation Employee Matching Gift Program
Alan Udin and Kathleen Basquil
Eric and Shannon Vajda
Rajesh Verma
Victor Vianu and Karen Nelson
Daniel and Paula Vicario
Joseph Vinetz
Gregory and Carol Wakeman
Stephen and Jessica Walker
James and Joanne Ward
Eric and Barbara Weinberg
Barry and Eileen Weinstein
John Weinzettle and Lisa Dietrich
Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign
Eric Xiao and Jing-Feng Huang
Jerry and Diane Yen
Il Sang and Euijung Yoon
Benjamin Yu
Asra and Irfan Zaman
Jim Zhou and Nancy Shi
Hengyi Zhu and Peng Chen

Advocate (Up to $499)

Abbott Laboratories Fund
Paul and Tanya Abelowitz
Joel and Carole Abramson
Gerald Adams
Annette and Elly Adler
Maryam and Mansoor Afshin
Gina and Andrew Aguiar
John and Maureen Aitken
Levent Alkibay
Mario and Darci Alvarez
Greg and Kim Anton
Georges Argoud
Karen Armas
Jonathan and Alicia Atun
Dan and Cameron Auerbach
Rushton and Lisa Backer
Richard Baer and Sherry Singer
Hao Bai and Helen Zhou
Lori Ballance
Bank of America Matching Gifts
Gloria Banuelos
Caroline Barberio
Hindy Bare
Kandace and Randall Baron
Marguerite and Jim Barrett
Gregory and Eugenia Barth
Bob and Katherine Barton
Chaitan and Sundari Baru
Clive Barwin and Glynis Sive
Hamed and Susanne Bayat
Steve and Cinnie Beal
Kevin and Margaret Becker
Sara and David Behar
Doug Belden
Ken Belitz and Naomi Oreskes
Joseph and Lynn Benzoni
Jim Berg and Meg Miller
Rick Bergstrom
George and Marge Berkich
Aviva Berlin
Andrew and Carolann Berman
Colin and Jillian Berman
Eli Berman and Linda Oz
Tony and Helen Bernardini
Jeff and Amy Bernstein
Sunil and Indu Bhoyrul
Greg and Kelly Billmeyer
Jessica Blauer
Steve and Cindy Blumkin
Ron and Marilyn Bock
Francis and Amy Bockman
Ellen Bolden
Judith Bolton
Wayne and Tracy Borin
Jonathan Borok
Ansuya Bose
Brigette and Karen Bower
Thomas Bower and Susan Rooney
Stephanie Bowman
Daleand Yoko Boyles
Trisha Brady
Kristen Bramble
David and Jean Brandos
Keith and Nicki Brandt
Doug and Linda Brems
Kristina and David Bronner
Tim and Lynn Brooks
James Brusaschetti
Darcy and Bobby Buchanan
John and Cheryl Buchanan
Bernd Buehler
Steve and Tracy Burgett
Michelle Butler and Jordan Chase
Elena Bystrova
Dennis and Marlene Calderon
Albert and Simone Camilleri
Joseph and Stacy Candia
Renee Carroll
Anthony Casciano
John Cashman
Lisa Cashman
Jeffery and Nikki Caufild
Marci and John Cavanaugh
Sean and Lisa Cavanaugh
Heidy and Eduardo Cemaj
Gene and Jayne Chaffin
Rachel Chalermsopone
Hichun and Kyuhee Chang
Stephen and Michelle Chang
Austin Chave and Charmaine Semeniuk
Eric and Vivian Chen
James and Leslie Chen
Russell and Deeann Chisholm
Carine & Allen Chitayat
Hyangran Choi
Stephen and Rachel Christian
Dennis Chu
Kenyon and Kathy Clark
Roshanak Clune
CoachDeck LLC
C Coberly and W Buffett
Pablo Collin and Debra Jedeikin
John Comito
Patricia and Dan Conway
Patrick Conway
James and Rita Cooper
Anita and Wallace Crain
David Craver and Yoshiko Sakamoto
J Crocamo and C Antonelli
Lawrence D'Souza
Scott Davidoff
Eric and Mary Ann Davidson
Darren and Shannon Day
Kevin and Susan Day
Jack and Carina Deans
Michele and Emmanuel Deboucaud
Davis Denton
Ken and Lanny Deremer
John and Lynnette Dillen
Karen Dillen
James and Karen Dishong
David and Veronica Dodd
Bob and Kathleen Doherty
Lyle and Gretchen Donovan
William and Kathy Dougherty
JC and Julie Duncan
Qui Duong
Russel and Deborah Dushman
JeanPierre Duvinage and Diane Labonte
Howardand Jeanne Dye
Stan and Karen Easley
Veronica Eastling
Michael and Evelyn Edelstein
Bob and Leah Edzant
Michael and Laura Elbaz
Shahram Elihu
Fred and Darlene Elsner
Daniel and Suzie Engel
Edward and Rhonda Epstein
Mark and Cynthia Estle
Williams and Karen Ettouati
Scott and Victoria Evans
Extrabux, Inc.
Cory and Amy Fairbanks
Scott Feldgreber and Javiva Betech
Ron and Leslie Fellman
Tomand Nelia Ferris
Jerry and Karen Fitzmorris
William Fleck
Charles and Myra Fleischer
William and Deanna Floeter
Elizabeth Ford
Ann and Mike Fouquette
Howard and Laurie Francis
Tim and Nancy Franks
Mark and Audreen Frapwell
Stephen and Rachel Friedman
Michael and Marisa Fry
Frank Furnari
Paul and Yvonne Gagliardo
Alfredo and Sheila Gallone
Ian and Kerry Galton
Jenny and Ming Gao
Inigo Garcia Zozaya
Jacqueline Gardiner
Bob and Judy Gaukel
Kris and Richard Gelbart
General Atomics
John and Leysa Gentillon
Michael Gillen
David and Tammy Gillies
Andrew and Barbara Gilmore
Ray & Karen Gilner
Daniel Glassman
Greg Glassman
Dan and Patricia Gold
Richard and Lisa Golden
Mark and Jennifer Goldenhersh
Fran Goldstein
Lakshmi and Srinivasa Gollapudi
Mitchell Golub
Diane and William Goodman
Mark and Sheryl Goodman
David and Lisa Granet
Judith and Hal Grant
Eric Grasshoff and Ellen Yee
Ali Greene
Robert Greene
Peter and Marjolein Grootenhuis
Arthur and Deborah Gruen
Orlando and Cynthia Guiang
Gary and Dana Gunning
Chuangxing Guo
Swati and Rana Gupta
Danielle Haber
Bruce and Marianne Hamilton
Winnie and David Han
Mark and Janet Handzel
Gordy and Caty Hanson
Yvonne Harguindeguy
Nick and Yolanda Harris
Daniel Harrison and Laura Herperger
Yingwei He and Yang Liu
Tim and Paige Heenan
Kenneth and Wynne Heilbrunn
Paul Hemmerling
Barry and Lisa Henderson
Lou and Laura Hennequin
Fritz and Cindy Hesse
Richard and Christy Heymann
Steven and Nancie Hochberg
Lisa and Tamayo Hong
Scott Honnen
Tony Horner
Heather Hostetler
Alan Houston and Barbara Edwards
Anthony and Cecile Hozouri
Shaoming Huang
IDT Integrated Device Technology
Marc and Paula Intravaia
Mark and Amber Irwin
Ron and Sarah Iwamiya
Kim Jacobson
Christy Ji and Hankang Chang
Jimbos Natural Family, Inc.
Arthur Johnson
Robert and Suzanne Johnson
Joel and Kathy Johnstone
Michael and Chau Josey
Tzyy and Ping Jung
Walter and Cheryl Justice
Shanti Kalluri
Yongho and Helen Kang
Kurt and Elsa Kanish
David and Elizabeth Kaplan
Syed and Seemi Kazmi
William and Adelina Kazmierowicz
Sabi and Arlene Kent
Liz Kern
Kevin and Janice Kersey
Junko and Toshihiko Kii
He Dong and Young Joo Kim
Steven and Min Kim
Kimberly-Clark Matching Gift Center
Clarence King and Keiko AraiKing
James Kinney
Howard and Joanna Kirshner
Andrew Kirwin
Eric and Christy Klein
Dana Knees
Craig and Gabrielle Knox
Evan and Nancy Knuttila
Rick and Alissa Korfin
Wayne and Susan Kornreich
Gavin and Vivienne Kosviner
Patricia Kowalski
Natalya Kozlova
David and Michelle Krakower
Alexandre and Yelena Krasnikov
Amy Krause
Lee and Kathleen Krevat
Scott and Zoe Krishel
Eileen Kurlander
Laiani Kuspa
Gary and Sabrina Kwan
Ronald and Jodi Lack
Jonathan and Barbara Lampitt
Gwen and Kevin Lawler
John and Rebecca Lawson
Andrew and Julie Lee
James and Penny Lee
Paul and Debra Lee
Paul and Julie Lee
Pin Chih Lee and Su Chuan
John and Kelley Lefferdink
Richard and Sharon Leib
Jose and Hilda Leisorek
Laura and Steve Lerum
Michelle Levin
Gary and Jodi Levinson
Jinjun Li and Sunny Huang
Peng and May Li
Victor and Marsha Lieberman
Jui-yao Lin and Szuhui Wu
Congyu Liu
Susan Lotzof
LPL Financial Matching Gift Program
Matt and Larisa Lubomirsky
Richard and Stephanie Luck
John and Nancey Lyden
Chelle Maio
Janine Manchel
Jonah Mannis
Marcus & Millichap
Peter and Heidi Maretz
Angela and Victor Marshall
Ricardo and Cecilia Martinez
Gary and Rose Maruska
Lisa Massry
Jonathan Masters
James Matheson
Richard and Susan Matsey
Jeffrey Matson
Jessica Matthes
Kurt May
Jerry and Tami McClenny
Roger and Kari McCloskey
Kathy and Kim McDonald
David and Margie McGuigan
John and Sandra McIntyre
Kirk McKinley and Bridgett Hassett
Patrick and Noelle Melese
Heidi and Eran Merkel-Eckstein
Scott and Tracy Michael
Daniel Michaels
Brenda and Jason Michal
John and Susan Miller
Gary Miner and Barbara Horwitz
Victor and Monica Mizrachi
Matt and Stacy Modugno
Alan and Paris Mohager
Anton and Barbara Monk
Phillip and Frances Monroe
John and Ellen Montanari
Melissa Moore
Ghassem and Kobra Moosavi
Cynthia Morris
Charlotte Moss
Nancy Moy
Philip and Jill Moylan
Susan Mulholland
Andrew and Martha Murphy
Ed Murphy and Cindy Outlaw
William and Laura Murphy
Howard and Teri Naftalin
Robert and Patricia Nascenzi
Ben and Bethe Natkin
David and Charlene Neblett
Mark and Victoria Neumann
Randy and Karen Newman
Albert Nguyen and Thanh Huyen
Ronald and Suzanne Nitz
Thomas Normoyle and Patricia Mattimore
Jim and Grace Norwood
Romila Notani
Loren and Sandy Novak
Mike and Sonya O'Rosky
John and Jana Odou
Saul Olvera and Alejandrina Marquez
Horacio and Irene Ortiz
Rovin Oskoui and Soheila Djavanmard
Brian and Hope Ostrow
Alberto and Denise Pacheco
Hua Pan and Jian Ping Yang
Yun Park and Byung-In Lee
Elliot Parks and Michele Yelmene
Behnaz and Dawood Parvizi
Michael and Yvonne Parziale
Jeff Patterson
John and Mary Patterson
Scott and Tonya Paul
Doug and Carolyn Perkins
Jonathan and Maura Phinney
Scott and Marianne Pickett
Laura and Mike Pierce
Cheri and Del Pifer
Glenn and Therese Pollack
Jeff Pollak
Remus Popa
Ken and Teresa Potashner
Suzanne Preiss
Kimberly and Bruno Quanquin
Christine and Steve Quigg
Naveid and Karyn Quraishy
R.J. Stagg Construction Co.
Edward and Oksana Radomyshelsky
Denise and Mike Railey
Amir and Dana Rajwany
Deborah Rana
Dr. Lori and Mark Rappaport
Dean Rasmussen
Greg and Carol Ratchuk
Ken and Kari Ravazzolo
Raytheon Matching Gifts Program
John Read and Evelyn Bayna
Raphael and Wanda Refaely
Peter and Vicki Reissmann
Nitzan and Danielle Reouveni
Dianne Reppucci and Steven Bierman
Tony Ricci
Manny and Suzanne Rincon
William Roberts and Deborah Schiff
S David and Jacqueline Rockoff
Stacy Rockwood
Gary and Stella Rogers
Iris and Zeev Ronai
Renata Rosander
Scott Ross
Koel and Smruti Rout
Eunhee Ru
Lisa Rudolph
Elizabeth Rustigian
Jody Saltzman
Jeff and Shelley Sander
Rick and Sue Sander
Allison and Jerry Sanfilippo
Michael and Mindy Scarano
Dave and Carolina Schaber
Kurt and Deborah Scherler
Gregory and Susan Schibler
Rod and Cynthia Schrock
Bernie and Jan Schroeder
Robert Schultz
Lucas and Leigh Schumacher
Brad Schwartz
Karl Schwenkmeyer
Janet and John Scott
Thomas and Tracy Scutti
Andrew and Agnes See
Shirley and Stephen Sek
Mark and Mary Beth Selecky
Sempra Energy Foundation
Sentech Measurements, Inc
Myriam Serra
Susan Sgroi
Elliott and Robyn Shapiro
Lawrence and Darci Shaw
Meyar Sheik
Douglas and Janette Shelton
Max Sheng
Gary and Robin Shifren
Daniel and Michelle Shinoff
Robert and Leslie Siegel
Mitch and Debbie Simon
Bindu and Sanjay Singhal
Laurel Sisco
Roberto Sizer
Maria Arlene Skrzynski
Gregory and Tara Smith
Kevin and Pamela Smith
Ian and Linda Smulowitz
Rose Souther
Andy and Gina Spinks
Michael and Danielle Spitters
St. Clement's By-The-Sea Episcopal Church
Patty and Peter Stang
Lisa Stellwagen and Marc Montminy
Todd and Donna Stewart
Rayna Stohl
Venkiteswaran and Rama Subramanian
Carliss and Ilona Such
Bob and Londi Sullivan
Robert and Mellissa Summers
Lalitha Suryanarayana
Mark and Valerie Sussman
John and Kim Sway
Sam and Liz Talpalatsky
Kechun Tang and Jiali Li
Tricia and Kurt Tellefsen
Mark and Nancy Tendal
Thermo Fisher Scientific Matching Gift Program
Colin and Karen Thomas
Brad and Atonella Thomson
Gregg and Theresa Timony
Clay and Amy Titus
Marcus and Connie Tom
Denise Torre
Barry and Gail Toyonaga
Allen and Susan Tran
Kerry Traylor and Scott Williams
Mohit and Leslie Trikha
Kendall Trout
Dan Tu and Mariann Chen
Rick and Marcia Turek
Heather Turner
Christopher and Tissa Uchiyama
Robert and Ainslie Uhl
US Entertainment LLC
Brian Utsler
Phillip and Kelley Vacheron
Lori Vagner
Angela Van Lier
Rajiv Vijayan
Patrick and Jacqueline Vogt
Voit Real Estate Services, LP
Peter and Andrea Vonk
Jose and Lori Waizman
Kathleen Walsh
Jun Wang and Ni Ye
Shaobai Wang and Ivy Jiang
Jay Warren
Bruce Weisman and Tiffany Medina
Sally Weisman
M Wells and K Merchant
Deborah West
Helen Westerfield
Anne Whattoff
Roland and Nancy Wheeler
Amy and Niall White
Pamela and Randall Whitfield
Shaun and Sally Whitmore
Raymond and Christina Wilkerson
Jim Wirt and Marty Foltyn
Patrick and Jill Wolcott
Cheuk Wong
Andrew and Christine Wood
Mary Ann and John Wood
Blake and Katrinia Woodhall
Camille Worthington
Jun Wu and Tumei Zhou
Max and Cindy Wuthrich
Yang and Yi Xiang
Yaping and Su Xu
Andrea and Saman Yaghmaee
Yahoo Charity Giving Station
Tony and Isabella Yang
PingYang and Lomei Yeh
Michael Yokoyama and Jaye Venuti
Rene and Elseke Zenteno
Kun Zhang and Ying Su Xiao
Min and Kanyin Zhang
Yi Zhang
Liping and Kevin Zhu
Russ Zorn


Mary and Vince Blumenfeld