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2012-13 Donors

The Canyon Crest Academy Foundation would like to add you to the list of contributors to the 2012-13 campaign. Your contributions will help us provide extraordinary programs and opportunities for all the students at Canyon Crest Academy!

Contribute now! Visit the Donate Online page or the Donate by Mail page to make your donation. For more information, contact Gina Mahmood, CCAF Finance Manager (

DONORS July 1, 2012 - June 16, 2013
Updated 12/13/2013

Legacy of Learning ($10,000 and up)

John and Becky Chamberlain
Qualcomm Matching Gift Program

Chancellor ($5,000 - $9,999)

Baaziz and Maha Achour
Steve and Kimberly Carlson
George and Barbara Farinsky
Ralph and Patricia Faison
Jeff and Debi Fisher
Greg Heinzinger and Kerstin Pfann
Dr. Tina Nova
Douglas and Denise Regnier
Torrey Pines Children's Liberals Arts Foundation
The White/Warren Family

Dean ($2,500 - $4,999)

Eric and Michelle Carlborg
Tim and Cindy Condon
Linda and Paul Danninger
Dr. Pranab Dutt and Mrs. Shefali Dutt
John and Terry Hausman
Robert and Suzanne Johnson
Yucheun Jou Jou and Linlang Yang
Bruce and Janet Kahn
Kilroy Services, LLC
Steven and Jennifer McDowell
Motorola Mobility Foundation
Pam Naughton
Michelle Paulus
Brian and Myra Pelowski
Kim and Eben Perison
Marcus and Susan Presar
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
PHR Village, Inc.
Captain Douglas and Linda Rose
Andrew and Phaedra Seidel
Trent and Theresa Seltzer
Tom and Judy Tullie
William Wachsman and Matilda Remba
John and Kit Wells
Naom Ziv

Scholar ($1,000 - $2,499)

Darryl and Susan Abramson
Matt and Shelly Adams
Suzanne and Sanjay Agarwal
Bing and Li Ai
Diana and Jeff Anderson
Joseph and Lynette Aquilina
James and Natalie Arnett
MalcolmAste and Tina Beizait
Kevin and Karin Bacon
Tim & Celeste Bailey
Rick and Keely Barrera
Seyfollah Bazarjani
Arnold & Esther Family Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation
Eric and Helen Bernd
Duane and Mara Bickett
Tina and Vincent Blumenfeld
Darcy and Bobby Buchanan
David and Ara Burklund
J.D. and Christina Burress
David and Michelle Campbell
Christopher and Jennifer Chaplin
Jeff and Catherine Charles
Peng Chen and Huiqing Zhu
Bryan and Amanda Chin
Sharon Cohen
Rolf Cohn and Judy Muller-Cohn
Nancy and Drake Coker
Laura Copic
Kevin and Lisa Cowles
Uschi and Taylor Crouch
Del Mar Highlands Town Center
Keith DeVore and Sue Britt
Chuck and Lisa Doherty
The Domann Family
Dan and Jill Donoghue
William and Kathy Dougherty
Lingxun Duan and Wen Li
Ken and Kim Farinsky
Kim and Mark Filanc
Jonathan Flam
William and Sally Fleck
William and Deanna Floeter
Michael and Vivian Fontaine
Geoffrey Forster and Lorraine Pfahl
Richard and Patricia Freeman
Jennifer and John Fry
Robert and Angela Gascho
Paul and Teresa Gauvreau
Lakshmi and Srinivasa Gollapudi
Kris and Brian Gotta
Jim and Carrie Greenstein
David and Colleen Grobisen
Alan and Deanna Grozen
Gordy and Caty Hanson
Tim and Paige Heenan
Chris and Avril Hibberd
Matthew and Nancy Hozouri
Teresa and David Johnson
Katherine Jones and Steven Koerber
Shanti and Srinivasu Kalluri
Dr. Harold and Sandy Kaloogian
Inyup I Kang and Jin Min
Unhae Kim Jungwoo Choe
Marty and Vicki King
Tom and Adrienne Klopack
David and Michelle Krakower
Ari and Kristy Laliotis
Mark and Kristi Lappe
Steven and Alexis Larky
David and Hannah Leavitt
Teresa and Eric Leitstein
Audrey and Steve Levine
David Levine
Ellyn Levine, M.D.
Life Technologies
Gary and Anna Lillian
Wenyu and Chien-Jung Lin
Jim and Jeannie Lingelbach
Marvin and Sachiko Lockhart
James and Laura Loye
Kimberly and Brendan Martin
Roger and Amber Martin
Ian and Diane McCallum
Clare McGowan and Michael Jackson
Chris and Felice McGrath
Microsoft Corporation Matching Gifts Program
Steven and Lee Ann Mott
Marc and Kim Muchnick
Richard Muscio
Maria Nelson
Jeffrey and Janice Nesses
Steven and Karla Niles
Michael and Annette North
Auturo and Eugenia Ortega
Martin Paulus and Kim Vanover
Cathy Pautz and John Moon
Frederick Powell andRose Sekulovich
Dean Rasmussenand Deanna Iwasaki
Paul and Veronica Rejto
Dana Ritchie
Sydney and Rachelle Rosin
Jonathan and Judy Rudin
Mika and Howard Sawada
Alexa and Richard Saxon
Barton and Debra Schade
Laurie and Mark Schmid
Sharon Schulzki
Brad Schwartz
Ted Schwarz and Vinni Brown
Sempra Energy Foundation
Michael and Rona Shapouri
Dan and Sarah Shea
Howard and Leslie Smart
Nick and Vanessa Smith
Andrew Stein
Paul Steitz and Theresa Dailey
Faran and Marie Tahir
Allen and Christina Tharp
M. Thurston and Lori Good
Gregg Timony
David and Karen Trissel
Michael Twyman and Amy Seki
U.S. Capitol Historical Society
UBS Financial Services Inc.
Eric and Shannon Vajda
Larry Verity and Teri King
Allen and Cindy Vexler
Peter and Andrea Vonk
Gregory and Carol Wakeman
Michael and Christie Walsh
Andy and Staci Wax
John Weinzettle and Lisa Dietrich
Traci and Sean Wiggins
Steven and Carol Willing
Jonathan and Hallie Worsey
Shanji Xiong and Jiang Zheng
Jerry and Diane Yen
Benjamin and Megan Yu

Masters ($500 - $999)

Kathleen and Gary Acosta
Gerald and Kristin Adams
Duane and Kim Admire
Yair and Patrizia Aizenman
EdwardAllen and Kristin Cadenhead
Dana and Leslie Aoto
Georges Argoud
Gary and Carol Arnold
Jonathan and Alicia Atun
Lori Ballance
James and Lorenda Ballard
Bank of America Matching Gifts
Elizabeth and Brian Bartell
Todd and Allison Beach
Kevin and Margaret Becker
Ken Belitz and Naomi Oreskes
Matt and Karey Belshin
Duncan and Christie Beniston
Rick and Kim Bergstrom
Jeff and Amy Bernstein
Jim and Lindsey Berry
Greg and Kelly Billmeyer
Stephanie and Tom Bowman
Napoleon and Nancy Bragado
Craig and Laurie Bramlett
Keith and Nicki Brandt
Daniel and Susan Bright
Jeffrey and Carol Brown
Naomi and Steve Buchanan
Steve and Tracy Burgett
Katherine and Michael Burke
Bing Bush, Jr.
Dennis and Marlene Calderon
Jennifer and Nicholas Callamaras
Michael and Ruby Callihan
DavidCarr and Vicki Hamilton
Michael and Linda Carter
Brian and Fiona Chau
Eric and Vivian Chen
Teresa and Yegin Chen
Jim and Elke Chenevey
Kristine and Rico Cheng
Kyu Ok Cho
Kenyon and Kathy Clark
Kim and Mike Cochrane
Coldwell Banker Residenial Brokerage - Marty Conrad
Misty and Tony Cole
Pablo Collin and Debra Jedeikin Collin
James and Rita Cooper
Lisa and Trevor Cooper
Jim and Gina Correll
Mark and Tanya Crooks
Jerome and Melissa Dawson
Darren and Shannon Day
John and Sara De Vito
Philip and Sandy Del Negro
Ken and Lanny Deremer
Upkar and Vanit Dhaliwal
Karen Dillen
Junchen Du
Qui Duong and DC Tran
Donna Durlak
Kevin and Kelly Eastwood
Nicole Elder
Shahrokh Elihu and Doris Elghanayan
Michael and SusanFarese
Pete and Tracy Filler
Marc and Alana Fishel
Jerry and Karen Fitzmorris
Paul and Cheri Fleuelling
Michael and Moira Flumian
Ann and Mike Fouquette
Mark and Audreen Frapwell
Judy French
Ben and Sue Frishberg
Paul and Yvonne Gagliardo
Glen and Leslie Gargas
Felicia Genovese
Shelley Gerber
Charles and Maria Gilbreth
Brian and Melony Giles
David and Tammy Gillies
Annie Golden
Mark and Jennifer Goldenhersh
Doohoon Goo and Soohyun Park
Martyn and Johanna Goulding
Gail and Buddy Greene
Hal and Eileen Hahn
Stephen and Iris Halpern
Joseph and Barbara Harper
Mike and Patty Hartogs
Holly Hauserand Stephen Williams
John and Kristine Heffner
Dan and Cynthia Heinemann
Chuck and Lisa Helsel
Eugene and Sharon Helsel
Steven and Crystal Hendriks
Dieter Henning and Kristin Gjerde
John and Stacy Hickman
Robert Higuchi and Rebecca Schmitt
Jurg and Annabeth Hinderling
Tong Hong and Lisa Tamayo-Hong
Scott Honnen
Kurt Howe and Shar Sellers
Xiaolan Hu
Elizabeth and Brian Hughes
Paul Hursky and Ann Yee
Intuit Foundation Donation Matching Program
Ron and Sarah Iwamiya
Amir and Rachna Jafri
Nitin and Deepti Jain
Santosh and Nikhil Jain
Roberto Jappelli and Annkatrin Petersen
Cindy Jensen and Jim Lasswell
Jasper and Jenny Jiang
Li Ying Jiang
Jimbos Natural Family, Inc.
RichKaplan and Nancy Evans
Hillel Katzeff
Nabil and Nadia Keilani
John and Kiran Kennedy
Trudy and Hassan Khodabande
Steven and Min Kim
James and Marjorie King
Steve and Sarah King
Richard and Monica Kiy
Steve and Kim Klein
Suresh and Madhumati Koppolu
Gavin and VivienneKosviner
Lee and Kathleen Krevat
Charles and Brenda Kuznia
Michael and Paula Lack
Ronald and Jodi Lack
Karen and Tom Landers
Sherry and Scott Landow
Jonathan and Julie Laymon
Jae SunLee and Kyung Ah Yoon
John and Kelley Lefferdink
Richard and Sharon Leib
Laura and Steve Lerum
Alex and Cathy Levie
Steve Levison Jobeth Halper
Mei and Chiu Li
Neil Libin
Paul Lighterink and Sandy Stewart
Kristina Lin-Bronner
Dave and Debbie Lindgren
Suzanne Lindskog
Greg and Allyson Loren
Lori A. and Wendy Carstens
Elizabeth and Tim Lovenberg
Ken and Sheila Loyd
Xing Lu
Kevin and Darcy Lyons
Gene and Kelly Ma
Lesley MacArthur-Chang
Robert MacLeod and Pierina Ubilla
Maha Mahalakshmi
Gina and Mark Mahmood
John and Diane Maloney
Murray and Lori Maloney
Mark and Nancy Marcin
Robert Marren and Amy Shuss
Angela and Victor Marshall
Keith and Gina Maruska
James Matheson
Richard and Susan Matsey
Paul and Lisa Matsumoto
Peter and Beth McConville
John and Sandra McIntyre
Dr. Scott and Beth Mercer
Scott and Tracy Michael
Sally Muir
Sue and Chris Murray
David and Charlene Neblett
Ronald and Suzanne Nitz
Thomas Normoyle and Patricia Mattimore
Northrop Grumman Foundation
Patty O'Connor
Mika Ono
Oracle Corporation Matching Gifts Program
Rick and Joni Osteen
Wayne and Cheryl Pages
YuPan and Chen Jianqing
Richard and Lou Pascoe
Mehul and Sunita Patel
Alana and Stephan Pejouan
Jim Perdue and Susan Swett
William Perry and Pamela Radcliff
Ruth Peterson
Jonathan and Maura Phinney
Roger Pierce
Parisa Pirayesh and Ebrahim Khatibi
Beth Platt
Erika and Reinhold Pollner
Robert and Barbara Ponder
Remus and Alina Popa
Jim Posakony and Pamela Mellon
Orlando and Laura Quirch
Glen and Kelly Ragins
Nelson and Cynthia Rasquinha
Raytheon Matching Gifts Program
Pingda and Shumei Ren
Thomas and Gretchen Rhoads
Scott and Sonia Rhodes
Clark and Betsy Richard
Gary and Stella Rogers
Irene and Bernie Rosenthal
Hilary Rowe
Lisa Rudolph
Kevin and Deborah Sagara
Fakhri and Jehan Salem
Glen and Marilou Sallee
San Diego Korean Parents Association
Bruce and Michelle Sandler
Leland and Debbie Sandler
Michael and Mindy Scarano
Bob and Susan Schade
Karsten and Marion Schmidt
Victor and JoAnn Schorn
Andrew and Agnes See
Steve and Linda Selk
Jitenkumar and Brinda Shah
Pushpa and Zezhi Shao
Lei Shen
Sherman Productions
KenShimizu and Jane Khouw
Daniel and Michele Shoemaker
Neil and Tanya Smith
Robert and RachaelSnigaroff
Pam and Bryan Snyder
Sherry Stewart
Mark and Trudie Strumwasser
Jim and Randie Sturtevant
Venkiteswaran and Rama Subramanian
Sarah and Todd Sutton
Eric and Carolyn Swayze
Kiyoshi and Hisako Tachikawa
William and Carolyn Taylor
Melinda and James Tomes
Mark and Alice Toothacre
Kerry Traylor andScott Williams
Mohit and Leslie Trikha
James and Vivian Tsai
Dan Tu and Mariann Chen
U.S. Bancorp Foundation Employee Matching Gift Program
AlanUdinand Kathleen Basquil
Nicole Uejo
Phillip and Kelley Vacheron
Ivan and Lilian Vachovsky
Jorge and Jodi Valdivieso
David and Marie Vaughn
Daniel and Paula Vicario
Rajiv Vijayan and Anju Sreenivasan
Joseph Vinetz
Patrick and Jacqueline Vogt
Stephen and Jessica Walker
Barry Weinstein and Eileen Kushner
Sally Weisman
Michael Wells and K Merchant
Amy and Niall White
Jim Wirt and Marty Foltyn
Alan and Karen Wolmer
Darryl and Elsa Wong
Dale and Julie Yahnke
Rene and Elseke Zenteno
Lu Zhang
Hengyi Zhu and Xianjun Cao
Liping and Kevin Zhu
David and Brenda Zito

Advocate (Up to $499)

Paul and Tanya Abelowitz
Ryan Adams
Annette and Elly Adler
Adopt-A-Highway Litter Removal Service of America, Inc.
Maryam and Mansoor Afshin
Mario and Darci Alvarez
Bill and Lori Anapoell
Walter and Kenna Anderes
Greg and Kim Anton
Karim Arabi and Shadi Babataheri
Judith and John Arrizza
Babak and Lisa Aryan
Dan Auerbach and Cameron Roberts
Robert and Nashwa Aziz-Butler
Rushton and Lisa Backer
Minson Baek
Hao Bai and Helen Zhou
Hindy Bare
Marguerite and Jim Barrett
Gregory and Eugenia Barth
Chaitan and Sundari Baru
Clive Barwin and Glynis Sive
Hamed and Susanne Bayat
Steve and Cinnie Beal
Susan and StephenBednar
Sara and David Behar
Joel and Michelle Benatar
Alan and Jaqueline Benjamin
Joseph and Lynn Benzoni
Steven and Amy Berg
Sherri Berg-Zorn
Aviva Berlin
Colin and Jillian Berman
Tony and Helen Bernardini
Javiva Betech
Rosario Billetta and Paola Lanza
Bryan Binney
Larry Blackman
Laurence and RahleenBloch
Jeffrey and Teri Bloom
Francis and Amy Bockman
Judith Bolton
Wayne and Tracy Borin
Jonathan and Nicola Borok
Qing and Stanley Bower
Thomas Bower and Susan Rooney
Kirk and Kim Boyd
Janet Braun
Michael Braunstein
Laurie Brady
Marilyn Bredvold
Stephen and Annemarie Brigandi
John and Patsy Brotherton
Kent & Eileen Brown
James and Marilee Brusaschetti
John and Cheryl Buchanan
Jeffery Burgener
David and Pamela Bush
Albert and Simone Camilleri
Claudia Caparelli
Renee Carroll
John Cashman
Lisa Cashman
Michael and Melissa Catania
Sunmi Cha
Gene and Jayne Chaffin
Leslie and Angelina Chan
Adam and Su Yin Chang
Jesus and Diana Chao
Lin Chao and Ulla Rang
Stephen and Martina Chapkis
Ching-Ya Chen
James and Leslie Chen
Kevin Chen and Ting Wu
Anitha and PR Chidambaram
Nathan and Deborah Childers
John and Anne Chiplin
Carine & Allen Chitayat
Jason Cho and Jeannie Kong
Alberto and Ronda Chowaiki
Jolynn Clark
Lisa Clark
Roger Cloyd and Kathlyn Ignacio
James and Stephanie Cluxton
David and Carolyn Cohen
Erik Colban
John Comito
Edward and Melissa Cook
Joanne Couvrette
Anita and Wallace Crain
David Craver and Yoshiko Sakamoto
Dawn Crochet
Steven and Lindsay Curtis
Rich Cusac
Janet and Bill Danola
Marilyn Dare
Scott and Annette Davidoff
William and Susan Davidson
Kevin and Susan Day
Jack and Carina Deans
Michele and Emmanuel Deboucaud
Steven and Maria DePetro
John and Lynnette Dillen
James and Karen Dishong
David and Veronica Dodd
Bob and Kathleen Doherty
Lauren Donovan
Lyle and Gretchen Donovan
James and Mary Dowe
Howard and Jeanne Dye
Stan and Karen Easley
Veronica and Thomas Eastling
Bob and Leah Edzant
Rochelle Effron
Bill Eiffert and Leslie Hodge
Michael and Laura Elbaz
Shahram Elihu
Fred and Darlene Elsner
Daniel and Suzie Engel
Epic Media Consulting, LLC
Edward and Rhonda Epstein
Scott and Victoria Evans
Howard and Stacy Farfel
David and Monica Federman
Mark and Judie Fehrenbach
Gregory and Julie Feld
Tina Felthaus
Bernardo Ferdman and Andrea Szulik
Fred Fleisler and Carrie Dolman
Yolanda Fontalba
Gabriele Foos
Elizabeth Ford
Sharon Fornaciari
Howard Francis
Ian and Tanya Freedman
Stephen and Rachel Friedman
Frank and ElizabethFurnari
Ketan and Purvi Gajiwala
Jenny and Ming Gao
Inigo Garcia Zozaya and Sandra Tosetti
Valerie Gaurano
Irene and Craig Gavson
Kris and Richard Gelbart
David George
Bassem and Eman Georgy
James and Emily Gilmore
Greg Glassman
John and Anne Glenn
Ray and Karen Gliner
Steve and Robyn Goldberg
Dory Goldman
Fran Goldstein
Steven and Charlotte Goldstein
Mitchell and Beth Golub
Hillary Gonzalez
Jason Gonzalez
Lori Good
Mark and Sheryl Goodman
Marty and Cheryl Goodman
Roger Graham (3-E)
David and Lisa Granet
Caryl and Mitch Green
Peter and Marjolein Grootenhuis
Arthur and Deborah Gruen
Daniel and Marleen Guess
Oivin and Ninon Guicherit
Chuangxing Guo
Adam and Dasha Guzik
Robert and Vivian Hagopian
Bruce Hamilton and Marianne Woo
Mark and Janet Handzel
Yvonne and Paul Harguindeguy
Donald and Leslie Harris
Joel and Jeann Hartley
Barry and Lisa Henderson
Gina Henderson
Lou and Laura Hennequin
Beth Hergesheimer Joyce Dalessandro, Trustee, SDUHSD
Fritz and Cindy Hesse
Steven Hickman
Mark and Cindy Hoffman
Terry and Kim Hogelucht
Ghyboong and Jiyun Hong
Heather and Michael Hostetler
Toh and Eiko Hovasse
Shaoming Huang and Xuehai Tan
Wenju and Nancy Huang
Sandra and Brad Hunt
Tim and Erin Huss
Mark and Stacy Hvasta
Indus Technology Inc
Thomas and Jennifer Ingrassia
Behnaz Irani
Larry and Midori Iwasaki
James and Mary Jam
Keith and Sharon James
John and Nancy Jastremski
Edmund and Jennifer Jay
Robert and Rhonda Johnson
Scott and Amy Johnson
Joel and Kathy Johnstone
Jami and Gene Jones
Michael and Chau Josey
Walter and Cheryl Justice
Alex and Ruenrudee Juwvipart
Phil and Debbie Kalinowski
Michael Kamdar and Amanda Johnston
Venkata and Vijaya Kandula
Daniel and Debbie Kaplan
Kamala Karra
Shilaja and Srinivas Kasibhatla
Sara Katz
John F. Kay
Syed Kazmi
William and Adelina Kazmierowicz
Thomas and Ana Kelleher
Brian and Lynn Kelley
Sabi and Arlene Kent
Rohit and Resham Keshav
Eric Kessler
Robert and Jennifer Kightlinger
Deuk and Gyung Kim
Hyun Mi Kim
Soongil Kim
Teri King
James and Kathleen Kirkpatrick
Eric and Christy Klein
Windy Klosterman
Craig and Gabrielle Knox
Mirjam and Vladimir Konecni
Rick and Alissa Korfin
Patricia and Dan Kowalski
Steven and Nancy Krasnoff
Amy Krause andPaul Needelman
Richard and Deborah Kroner
Ken Kuang
Beth Kupanoff
David and Terry Kurtenbach
Laiani Kuspa
Raymond and Susan Lane
Hugh and Jerilyn Larson
James and Dawn Lawson
Alexander and Julie Lee
Andrew and Julie Lee
Paul and Debra Lee
Hilda Leisorek
David and Nathalie Leonelli
Gary and Jodi Levinson
JinjunLi and Sunny Huang
Peng and May Li
Erich and Maureen Lidl
Lifestyle Concepts, Inc.
Jui-yao Lin and Szuhui Wu
Richard and Melanie Lin
Charles Lo and Christine Mih
Vivian and MartinLoef
John Logan
LPL Financial Matching Gift Program
Richard and Stephanie Luck
Anthony Lynch
Francis and Heewon Mah
Tim and Emelyn Malott
Janine and BruceManchel
Danielle Martin
Ricardo and Cecilia Martinez
Lisa Massry
Dennis and Loan Mayer
Mike and Michelle McAllister
Jerry and Tami McClenny
Roger and Kari McCloskey
Joel and Gail McComb
Brad and Vanessa McCombs
Peter and Cindy McDaniel
Kathy and Kim McDonald
Steve and Dana McGowan
Todd and Becky McKinney
Alana and John McNulty
Steven and Cristina McSkimming
Patrick and Noelle Melese
Angel and Linda Mendez
Heidi and Eran Merkel-Eckstein
Larry Michel
Gary Miner and Barbara Horwitz
Roseann Mirsaidi
Victor and Monica Mizrachi
John & Stephanie Moceri
Matt and Stacy Modugno
Amir Mojaver
Brian and Karen Monks
Amy Montague
John Montague
John and Ellen Montanari
Robert Moon
Melissa Moore
Ghassem and Kobra Moosavi
Kenneth and Laura Moreno
Scott & Suzanne Morris
Michael and Marjorie Morrison
Haim and Anat Moskowitz
Charlotte Moss
Motorola Foundation
Philip and Jill Moylan
David and Darlanne Mulmat
Ed Murphy and Cindy Outlaw
Thomas Murphy and Margaret Bazini
Alan Myers and Meecy Martin
Ben and Bethe Natkin
David Nattrass
Amy and Edward Nefouse
Cindy Nelson
Rob and Mary Nelson
David and Noreen Nepomuceno
Mark and Victoria Neumann
Jim and Grace Norwood
Mark and Nancy Nowakowski
Daniel and Stacie O'Halloran
Marc and Lisa Odenweller
Constance and Jeffrey Olson
Dave and Maria Olson
Horacio and Irene Ortiz
RouinOskoui and Soheila Djavanmard
Janet Owens-Grillo
Alberto and Denise Pacheco
Chong and Chin Pae
James Patterson
Jeff Patterson
John Patterson
Mary Patterson
Lauri Paul
Fernando Pereira
Doug Perkins and Carolyn West-Perkins
Brad and Jackie Phillips
Katey Pianko
Chris and Daphne Platt
Jessica and BradPlatt
Matthew Poiset
Glenn and Therese Pollack
Joshua and Christine Polterock
Russell and Tracy Pompeo
Sascha and Susan Popov
Ken and Teresa Potashner
Mary Previti
Raymond Pronko
Jose and Elina Pruneda Paz
Kimber and Nigel Quinney
Naveid and Karyn Quraishy
Deborah and Tariq Rana
Dr. Lori and Mark Rappaport
Raphael and Wanda Refaely
Syed and Ghazala Rehan
Dean and Colleen Reinmuth
Neil and Karla Reisman
Peter and Vicki Reissmann
James and Marianne Rigopoulos
Manny and Suzanne Rincon
Phillip and Patricia Rios
Martin Rips and Vickie Barks
William Roberts and Deborah Schiff
Stacy and Cotton Rockwood
Bob and Aimee Rombach
Iris and Zeev Ronai
Renata Rosander
Christine Ross
Duncan and Christina Ross
Scott and Evelyn Ross
Paul and Ruth Rowe
Gia Rozells
Michael Rundell
Michael and Kathryn Sabellico
Craig and Helene Saffer
Laurie Sage
Jeanie Sager
Jody Saltzman
Rick Saltzman and Marielle Bravo-Saltzman
Rick and Sue Sander
Irma Sandria
Allison and Jerry Sanfilippo
Yogesh and Alpa Sanghvi
Jeffery and Korey Sarokin
Dave and Carolina Schaber
Gregory and Susan Schibler
Rod and Cynthia Schrock
Bernie and Jan Schroeder
Lucas and Leigh Schumacher
Mark and Mary Beth Selecky
Douglas and Janette Shelton
Max and Ming Sheng
Anna Sheydina
Gary and Robin Shifren
David and Pam Simon
Mitch and Debbie Simon
Bindu and Sanjay Singhal
Laurel Sisco
Denise Sizer
Chris and Carmen Skipworth
Mike and Sahar Slosser
Barry and Sandy Smith
Gregory and Tara Smith
Kevin and Pamela Smith
Simon and Trudi Smith
Tara Smith
Ian and Linda Smulowitz
Danielle Solberg
Jim and Colleen Someck
Lora Sorg
Charles Spears
Andy and Gina Spinks
Patty and Peter Stang
Martin Staubus and Elaine Dodge
Collette and Murphy Stefanko
Aron and Colleen Stein
Tracy and Duana Stroobosscher
Bob and Londi Sullivan
Jill Sullivan
Bernard and Marlo Surovsky
Brian and Julie Szymanski
Khanh and Julie Ta
Rao Tadimeti and Krishna Meduri
Sam and Liz Talpalatsky
Ruxi Tang
Larry and Debbie Taylor
Tricia and Kurt Tellefsen
Philip and Laura Tencer
Colin and Karen Thomas
Richard and Sharon Thunder
JoAnn and Patrick Tierney
Brad and Karen Tipler
Glen and Monique Tokuhara
Marcus and Connie Tom
Alli and Elahe Toulouie
Ella Tour
Yoshio and Naoko Tsutsuzaki
Ed and Michelle Turk
UBS Employee Giving Programs
Christopher and Tissa Uchiyama
Eric and Julie Union
Union Kitchen & Tap
Robert and Claudia Uno
Jim and Jamie Utic
Brian Utsler
Dominique Verhelle
Rajesh and Rekha Verma
Maurice and Judy Voce
Kathleen Walsh
JunWang and Ni Ye
Vivien Wang
Andrew and Sharon Ward
James and Joanne Ward
Eric and Barbara Weinberg
Scott and Lorraine Weiner
Brad and Lisa Weinreb
David Weitz and Anne Chao
Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign
Wells Fargo Foundation Educational Matching Gift Program
Arend and Rika Westra
Roland and Nancy Wheeler
Katherine White
Clare White-McDonald
Shaun and Sally Whitmore
Whole Sports
Ian and Catherine Willetts
Patrick and Jill Wolcott
Andrew and Christine Wood
Nina Wright
Guofei Wu and Julia Yang
EricXiao and Jing-Feng Huang
Yahoo Charity Giving Station
Tony and Isabella Yang
Il Sang and EuijungYoon
Qizheng Yue and Lei Zhang
Paul and Lien Yung
Min and Kanyin Zhang
Russ Zorn


Tim and Cindy Condon